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  1. H

    Question Q about setting up DAS with veracrypt

    Hi I'm new to this. Hope you can confirm that my setup will work! I might get a new DAS such as qnap tr-002/004 and maybe 8-12 TB disks. If I skip raid and use the qnap with "single/individual mode", will it work fine to protect the drives with veracrypt? Will it take long time to mount such...
  2. S

    Question Backup to VeraCrypt encrypted drive

    Hi, I'm using Windows 7 with several encrypted HDDs and an SSD, and an external 5TB USB3 drive, now also encrypted with VeraCrypt. Before I encrypted the external drive, I was using Windows 7 built-in backup to backup to the drive. Now that the external drive is encrypted, W7 no longer allows...
  3. T

    Question Veracrypt encryption process failed, now I need to recover my files.

    So Veracrypt has left me with an unusable drive with a lot of important files on there. It was most of the way through the process and now will not continue. I cannot figure out how to get it to continue or even why it isn't working now. I did not stop the process without deferring. Operation...
  4. G

    Monitor saying "Check Video Cable"

    I just got an HP monitor like 40 minutes ago and since i plugged it in to my computer with a DVI cable, it's been saying there is no signal for DVI and also says Check Video Cable after a few seconds. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm using the same DVI cable I was given when the guy i bought the...
  5. Sovik

    Which processor will be good for gaming ?

    Hello Everyone, I'm planning to buy motherbord, processor, RAM. Actually I'm a gamer so can anyone please suggest me a good processor, RAM and Mother Board ? My total budget is 471.90$ I'm currently using:- PSU: GFX: R7...
  6. P

    Buying bigger M2 SSD - only one M2 slot on mobo

    Ideally would like to clone the 128Gb I've got onto the new 512Gb one - to avoid having to reinstall windows. BUT there is only one M2 slot on the mobo. Am I right I'd need to but a M2/SATA caddy so that I can plug the new SSD (temporrarily) into SATA?