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  1. seraphaye

    Question does verizon charge me if i put my sim card in a phone i got from a friend thats already verizon locked?

    also if they do or dont, do you know if theres a charge for putting my sim card in an unlocked phone?
  2. p7r0x7

    [SOLVED] So let me get this staight: CDMA SIM in GSM = fine?

    Let's say you wanted to use Verizon (CDMA) plan on an unlocked GSM only phone--a OnePlus phone for example. This is fine as long as you use a SIM card right?
  3. J

    Question Games lag all of a sudden, ping is extremely high!

    My network has become so bad all of a sudden. On my custom PC, my Verizon network has just become uncooperative and unusable for gaming. My ping in a game(World of Tanks Blitz) has hit over 500-800 consistently, with usually 40% or more packet loss just today. I ran Malwarebytes, restarted the...
  4. H

    Question what psu/ how many watts? I plan on overclocking the 1080 and r5 as best as i can and i’m not sure what kind of psu to get. Would 600 watts do or like 550 maybe i have no clue so any suggestions?
  5. S

    Question Noticed small water droplets inside computer case

    I own a evga clc280 to cool my i7 8700k and have had it for 6 months. Last month I noticed small water droplets on the inside of my tempered glass side panel. The pc is about 8ft from my shower. I have wiped the moisture out and it takes a while before it returns. Do you think it is my aio...
  6. D

    Question MSI GV72 7RE. BSOD after installing Dragon Center app.

    Hey. I have a strange problem with my MSI GV72 7RE. After "MSI Dragon Center" and "System Control Manager (SCM)" installation (dedicated to my laptop, I tried installing version from the CD I had in box, and newest from MSI site), after unplugging battery I have BSOD with code :"CRITICAL...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] Budget 4k card?

    Looking to convert my multi-monitor setup to a single 4K TV. The usage will be mostly productivity apps, web-surf, light video editing and occasional streaming -- Absolutely NO gaming. What I'm questioning is -- What would be an example minimum card required to perform the fore mentioned at 3840...
  8. K

    Question Sound is failing to start on boot?

    Hello again everyone!! I seem to have an issue on my girlfriend's pc. She runs windows 10 64bit Gigabyte 970a-ds3p motherboard Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX570 series What we seem to have here is an issue with the sound. We connected an HDMI tv, since we didn't have a VGA adaptor or the proper...
  9. J

    Question About Upgrading My Motherboard..

    Ir recently upgraded mobo and CPU,and found out that I need to reinstall windows 10 on it because Windows considers a new motherboard a new device,I really don't want to have to buy a data disk with windows 10 on it because that is very expensive.Is there a way I could just transfer windows from...
  10. D

    Question CPU cooler vs thermal paste problem

    I've applied new thermal paste to my CPU cooler (i7-4790k, Arctic MX4, CoolerMaster 120mm water cooler) as it was old and my CPU was heating to ~43C in idle mode and now getting 31/30/29/26C; however, when I run a torture test the temperature gets all the way up to 99C, what is uncool. I wonder...
  11. B

    Question HP Compaq SFF different case better PSU and GTX 970

    Hey there, I have a HP Compaq 8300 Elite SFF, and was wondering if it would be possible to take the motherboard out, place it in a bigger case, get a better PSU, and use a 970? If I can do this, any links to cheap cases, and power supplies would be appreciated as I am not great at this PC building
  12. D

    GA-Z270XP-SLI giving false CPU temps or my AIO pump dead?

    I turned my PC on today like usual but my fan was very loud. It was not normal. I restarted my PC and went into bios. From there is shows my CPU temp at 100c and fan running max at 2200+ RPM. I freak out and thought my AIO pump dead. But then I thought wouldn't my PC shutdown if my CPU was truly...
  13. A

    Spilled water on my keyboard now its keeps repeating num+

    My laptop keyboard keeps repeating num+ after a spill and i cant log on to my laptop even with an external keyboard it still repeats num+
  14. Z

    Lenovo Ideapad 320 15AST Maximum Supported Memory

    What is the meaning of Maximum Supported Memory? I am using a Lenovo Ideapad 320 15AST and the Maximum supported capacity is 8GB based on the manual but Lenovo Solution Center says that it is a 64GB. Can I upgrade my ram from 4GB to 16GB?
  15. A

    Recordings in Appdata\Roaming\audio ? I am tracked? Should I report to police?

    Hello, my name is Andrej, I am new to this forum and Im used to solve pc problems myself, but something recently happened to me that really scared me. I noticed recently I have like 70GB less of space on my C: drive, where I keep only Windows 7- my operating system. I went to investigate and...
  16. D

    New build, Old HDD with OS, Can I wipe in in BIOS before reinstalling OS from USB drive?

    Starting new build and wondering if I can wipe my HDD during the setup process of the build? I have a Usb drive installer for OS an dont want to keep anything from the old HDD but I can't partition it or wipe it without the new build. So is it possible during the startup and preboot to wipe the...
  17. P

    Need a 1400 gaming pc build

    Sup dudes I’m looking for some help piecing together a gaming system for around 1300-1400 for just a tower with windows I have everything else I need thanks
  18. T

    Can't run virtualbox on x370 motherboard?

    I can't install windows 10 (64-bit) OS on a virtual machine using virtualbox software. All it will let me install is a 32-bit OS and that isn't what I have. I don't think it's working anyway with a 32-bit install either. I get as far as the piont that you start the VM and it fails right there. I...
  19. J

    PC starts up with no signal.

    Hey all, so yesterday I reset the configuration of my pc to what it was before after trying to upgrade some parts but not being able to. I was able to boot up the pc twice successfully and play games for several hours with no issues until one game my pc froze randomly and hasn't been able to...
  20. U

    Need Help - PC Won't Boot At All

    I need some suggestions on what to do. My computer isn't booting up at all. I'll give as much information as possible. PC specs: ( ) It's running windows 10 and has 4 cooling fans also. I...