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  1. Q

    Reccomend a cheap 1150 MOBO that doesnt causes problems.

    Im looking for new mobo since the current i use is a trash. Please reccomend something, that doesnt needs bios updates, dont have usb problems, is good to use out of the box.
  2. NDDU Julius BSIT

    Any good replacements for the AMD A8-7605K Stock cooler?

    Found some coolers here at my local PC shop like the Cooler Master T2 and the mini version. Would either of the 2 be better than the stock cooler?
  3. A

    Mixing different amounts of RAM

    So knew about mixing different rams from different brands is a bad idea. But I am not entirely sure how a 4gb and 2 8gb doesn't April together well. They are both a Patriot Signature DIMM DDR3 CL11 PC3- 12800 (1600 MHz). The difference is the memory module. 4gb is PSD34G160081, and the 8gb is...
  4. A

    es1-711 screen won't turn on

    Hello, The Screen on the ES1-711 laptop won't turn on. The blue indicator light is on and I hear a the drive / dvd Uncertain what happened
  5. O

    Motherboard compatibility with CPU & RAM

    How can i know if my Motherboard is able to be modified by Improving the CPU and the RAM, since i have got a FUJITSU laptop. what should i look for at first? the Motherboard name, model... and where can i find these details? then how can i know what CPU and RAM is compatible with this...
  6. S

    Upgrade GPU ?

    So i have a evga gtx 970 with acx 2.0 cooling, I got for $120. I was wondering if I want to upgrade it is the 1060 worth it or is it the same proformence. If it is i'll get the 1070. An thoughts??
  7. R

    Questions about case fans

    I accidentally purchased the older BitFenix Nova, instead of the newer nova TG which comes with one more included fan than the original Nova. The Nova includes one rear fan, with room for one more rear... and a front facing as well. I'm on a pretty tight budget, and may have to wait a little...
  8. A

    Is updating BIOS necessary in a new build?

    I have heard that updating BIOS can be very dangerous and might make a motherboard unusable. I will be building a PC soon ( waiting for the last parts to get delivered ) I chose an ASRock B350 Pro4 which will go with a Ryzen 5 1600. When I build my PC do you think I will necessary need to update...
  9. M

    Any last suggestions?

    I'm wanting to upgrade to a better computer, this is what I have. Anyone have any last suggestions for better parts, prices, or whatever?
  10. S

    Can anyone help me find a new psu

    GA B250 DS3H mobo - i5 7600k CPU - GTX 1060 GPU - 1 Terabyte HDD - 240 GB SSD - I'm looking for a good psu under 100$ any suggestions? Thanks
  11. ftambonejr124

    cpu upgrade or gpu

    First Merry Christmas everyone , Well seems i missed on getting a GPU relatively inexpensive so waiting since the k620 is actually proving to be pretty good i am thinking going from my g3220 3.0 to this Intel-Core-i5-2400-3.1 I found on ebay for $45 free shipping, Yes no? or should i just give...
  12. R

    Power draws and Passive CPU Coolers

    Is there a formula for Passive/Fanless cpu coolers? Aside from the obvious (quiet, less wattage draw), what other benny is there? I will use integrated graphics (i5-3470T, 35 watt), external (190w) PSU, 2 case fans and an ASUS G20 H97 board. Surfboard only. No office, photo or gaming. Any...
  13. S

    Cpu Mining on Ryzen

    Recently I have seen people talking about cpu mining and that u can farm coins by cpu mining. I would like to know if my Ryzen 5 1600 cpu can mine, and does it come with any sort of sideeffects? I dont want my cpu to die. Also my pc is on all day and I dont have electricity bill issues...
  14. glytch5

    12v water pump with a 3 pin fan header... a little spooky

    I got a little phobya 12v water pumps... its a 3 pin fan cable for power... and it advertises the 3 pin cable for motherboard voltage control. I have an MSI x370 pro carbon, and it even has a "pump fan" header. Now this phobya pump is 8w!!!! at 12v... so thats nearly .7amps.... on a single...
  15. O

    Computer turns off but power stays on ( lights etc )

    Hi My computer has been turning off while the lights in the computer itself (motherboard, graphics card, etc) have stayed on, keyboard and mouse are completely off with no lights and the monitor still on standby. During this time i have been playing games on it and it is quite hot at the moment...
  16. T

    Computer Acting Up

    Recently, PC has been having many issues, whenever I play a game it is constantly stuttering Can't have a web browser open while playing a game, even with low settings. Computer was also freezing and would make a loud buzzing noise when doing so, since then, reset the computer, deleted...
  17. P

    Shared dedicated GPU memory

    Yes im talking about dedicated, not integrated. Iv got a i7-6700HQ with intel graphics 530 and a GTX 970M. I know shared memory means my RAM, and that integrated cards use it since they dont have that much VRAM. But why does my dedicated have it, but, never use it? On my integrated card it...
  18. K

    CPU cooler for Ryzen 5 1600 overclock

    Hey, everyone I have decided that I will build a PC using the Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, but I was wondering if the stock Wraith cooler is good enough for maybe 3.8GHz. If not, what cooler should I get? One of the main concerns I have is that where I live, temperature can go +35°C in the summer, and I...
  19. C

    soundcard question help

    ok hello i have a question, im planing to get a sound card for my head phones but my speakers plug into my computer and my headphone plug into my speaker so will the sound card still work on my headphones??? Computer>speakers>headphones (my speakers are the bose champion 20 it has a round thing...
  20. M

    Migrate Windows 10 ONLY!!! to SSD

    Hello everyone. Just out of interest, is it possible to migrate only the Windows 10 to an SSD? I (would) want (if I get the SSD) to leave all my programs and games and files on the old hard drive, but use the SSD just for Windows. I think the Registry is not a major problem: I can just export it...