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  1. I

    Mining zec with 1080 ti

    Hello , I recently bought MSI 1080 ti gaming x for gaming but also I start using it for mining ZEC. My question is I have a watercooling for CPU ( i7 4790) (case NZXT) PSU ( EVGA 750W Gold 2) If I want to make SLI for mining do I need a new PSU or I can stay with this one. Thanks Regards Samuil
  2. L

    I HAVE A PIONEER POWER SUBWOOFER FOR THE HOUSE WITH MULTI SELECTOR SWITCH for in feed power it is set at 110 ac volt. problem

    hopefully their is a idea on whats next to do with out the fan it shuts down tested the fan on a 24 v dc power supply and the fan was good
  3. L

    Is an ssd needed in a gaming PC build?

    I’m getting a PC soon and the processor I want I can afford with a hdd but without an ssd but I can downgrade the processor and get an ssd along with a hdd. So is the ssd actually needed or necessary and should I just stick to without it?
  4. poopsftw123

    Gaming pc thread

    Ok so I have a gtx 1050ti low profile I want to know what the best prebuilt I can put it into I have 300$ o spend on the prebuilt I will be putting the gtx 1050ti low profile into
  5. P

    Please Help Me.. (Low fps Bug)

    Ok let me just give you an example of what the issue is that i'm having.. CS:GO , i set my settings to 1080p And everything on MAX.. i get 100-110 FPS constant, then i change it to 720p and lowest settings to see if my FPS goes a bit higher.. but NOPE it goes from 50-60fps constant, can someone...
  6. F

    PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD slot info needed

    My laptop is having a PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD slot, currently using a 'SSD Samsung SM951 Series 256GB PCI Express x4 M.2 2280', and I want to upgrade it to the 'Solid State Drive (SSD) Samsung 850 EVO Series, 1TB, M.2'. I know that I will be losing speed, but at the moment the amount of memory is...
  7. J

    New Graphics Card Caused Black Screen?

    I recently purchased a new graphics card (PNY GTX 1050 TI) to replace my old card a Gigabyte GTX 760. The day prior I had also updated Nividia graphics drivers (if that has anything to do with my problem). After replacing the old card with the new one I got a black screen, no cursor, nothing...
  8. T

    My processor is hitting heights of 65 degrees centigrade

    I am currently using an i7 7000k 4.2 ghz CPU with a hydro h100i v2 and wondering if 65 is ok for the temperature?
  9. J

    Where do I plug the 4+4 pin cable in to on my PSU

    Hi, I am starting first build but I have got a bit confused where to plug the 4+4 pin wire. The PSU I am using is the Corsair RM650x. I have linked to a picture below...
  10. D

    Windows 10 Says My Old Drive Partitions Are Blank

    My old laptop died, it was upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 before it died. I pulled the hard drive out and put it into a USB enclosure. When I plug it into my new laptop the partitions are detected, and the drive letters show up in Explorer, but when I click on any of them Windows 10...
  11. A

    VAIO VPCSE Fan noise

    Hi Guys, I have a VAIO VPCSE2C5E, the fan is makes noises when I tilt my laptop without care, looks like the actual fan (rotating part) is just loosened. I opened it a few times and kept all dust out. So, please advice: 1. Shall I get a new fan unit? (with heatsink or without) ? 2. Shall I apply...
  12. L

    Intel 7800X or 8700K ?

    I can buy a 7800x for £300 or a 8700k for £387 Is 0.1 more Ghz really worth £87? Am i missing something here because the 7800x seems way better value for money?
  13. K

    600W enough for this Ryzen build?

    I just built an entry level pc for a friend's kid out of couple used parts I had laying around my workstation and a ryzen 5 1600 and a sapphire 7870. Clearly the gpu is going to be an insane bottleneck but I also figured that if I made a ryzen system and the kid ended up liking pc gaming, the...
  14. H

    Recommended upgrade for 2015 budget gaming computer

    I’m looking for help about how I should upgrade my budget gaming build. I don’t know if I should stick with my H81M-A board and upgrade to i5 4690 + GTX 1060 6GB, or upgrade more other parts so that my parts are new. I bought this computer in 2015. I want my budget to be under $400-$600...
  15. I

    Windows 10 on the cheap

    Hi, I've bought a per-build system about 2 month ago for a really good deal. But the problem is that the system didn't come with a windows key, it only came with a 3 month trail. And now, two month has passed and I think it's the time to start to look for a windows key. I personally hate...
  16. R

    SOLVED Pc black screen after cleaning

    Hello guys, Yesterday i opened up my pc case and cleaned my cpu fan with (ear brushers?). I did not use a vacuum. After i put everything back in its place. I tried starting the computed fans started spnning like before but after like 1-2 secs of opening the pc came a strange beeping noise...
  17. S

    GT 1030 in 768p monitor

    Can I play all the AAA games with GT 1030 at 768p monitor?
  18. M

    ASUS X551 won't power on

    Was working on my laptop an ASUS X551 and it just shut off on its own out of no where. I can see the battery light is green and if I push the power button that will go green as well but I hear no sound of it starting up or running. If it is the battery shouldnt it run when the plug is in? And...
  19. E

    Confused about this

    I’m might be getting a xfx r7 360 for Christmas and for a cpu an amd FX 8300 I was wondering how would I install the drivers if I can’t get to windows please help me
  20. N

    is m.2 better than original ssd?

    hi guys i have 2 questions. first of all, there are different types of m.2 ( type 2242, 2260, 2280) what is the difference? also i have noticed that there is a much higher read speed in the m.2. so should i take a small small m.2 to boot windows from there? please explain in easy english haha...