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    Question Asus Tuf Gaming FX705D CPU gets hot and doesn't power on.

    Hi guys, I have a Asus Tuf gaming FX705D for repair, a screw has fallen on the board while battery was plugged in and i fell on near GPU power supply and caused the laptop to turn on no screen fast fan spin and a really hot CPU, The fans are not spinning anymore and when i turn the motherboard...
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    [SOLVED] My CPU is VERY hot.

    So i just built my PC yesterday and every time i opened a game my PC crashed so i looked and my CPU was idling at 70 degrees Celsius. I have a B550 as rock pro 4 motherboard and a Ryzen 5 3600. I don't know if its overclocked or not but its very hot i checked the thermal paste and cooler, that's...