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  1. Stefvw93

    Question Display Port no signal after boot

    Since yesterday I get "no signal" via display port after windows has booted. I get the post screen, the windows logo shows up with the spinning dots, and after that the screen goes black with the no signal error. I get signal when I connect through HDMI though, no problems there, but then the...
  2. elvinscreennotworking

    Question 144Hz on VG248QE from DVI-D or DisplayPort to HDMI

    Hi, I'd like to connect my ASUS VG248QE to my laptop ASUS FX505 DT. After a long time reading I don't know if I can really but during this lockdown I'm hoping it's possible. I currently have a 2.0 HDMI cable ...
  3. Andratos95

    Question Should I cap fps on asus VG248QE?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forum!I recently built my first gaming PC, and my monitor choice fell on the Asus VG248QE 144hz monitor. I am gonna be playing a lot of online games (Fortnite mainly, but also CS:GO and Battlefield V). Since I got a RTX 2060, I'll get very high fps...
  4. F

    What's bottlenecking my GTX 1060 6GB??

    Hi guys, I just got a Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, but I get framedrops in games to below 50 fps on best quality (I play fortnite mostly) and feel like there's a CPU bottleneck, or maybe the RAM. FPS wont increase when I lower quality. I'm trying to spend as little as possible to have the GTX 1060...
  5. M

    will this graphics card work with my motherboard

    I have CPU PC with 450w power supply , g41 is the motherboard and with 2gb ddr3 ram. I want to buy zotac gt 710 2gb ddr3 zone edition graphics card. Does it work in my cpu PC? Please be sure because once I buy I won't be able to replace it.
  6. K

    Au_.exe is a BUG

    Au_.exe for those interested this is a bug that runs in the background to stop you from uninstalling 5kplayer the file is located in user/user name/AppData/Local/Temp/~nsu.tmp and all you have to do is delete this file then uninstall 5kplayer and be rid of it. You don't want dodgy software from...
  7. M

    Dropped CPU on corner

    The cpu was dropped from a height of 10cm on one of its corners ....a very small piece got separated (broken i guess) or chipped from the corner...both green areas and yellow area(??) are chipped...will it still work??
  8. G

    'Overwatch' Blizzard World Map Goes Live With Over 100 New Cosmetic Items

    The update includes a meaty chunk of new cosmetic options, with the introduction of over 100 new items for all 26 heroes, including Legendary and Epic skins in addition to sprays, emotes, player icons, and more. 'Overwatch' Blizzard World Map Goes Live With Over 100 New Cosmetic Items : Read more
  9. G

    I cant boot from windows usb, error 0xc000000f?

    I created usb from media creation tool. Now whenever I boot from usb, I get BSOD, and a windows error, saying an important device cant be accessed. If I remove the boot device, I get the normal black screen asking for boot device again. So I am assuming that the usb is the problem. Will it work...
  10. C

    Msi z270 cpu power

    ■ Hi i i cant connect my psu corsair rm750x to motherboard Msi z270 because motherboard have 8pin and 4 pin when my corsair include only 8 pin and cant fit on this 8 pin because on bottom left on mother bord i have square but on cable its difference :/
  11. J

    im trying to connect my HP laptop to my Vizio smart tv wireless please help

    i have no idea how to work this tv, and I've been trying to connect my computer. I looked up videos and it only shows how to connect from a windows computer
  12. X

    My monitor isn't receiving a signal! PLEASE HELP!

    I built a computer and everything worked fine. The cd drive would open. The fan LED lights would turn on and the fan would spin. But my ace 24in. Monitor can't receive a signal.
  13. E

    Freezes while booting

    Hi, I ran into a problem when computer kinda freezes after a lenovo logo ( I'm using Lenovo y50 Laptop) after logo dissapears nothing seems to happen and it just stays in blank screen, although I can launch it in safe mode. I also tried leaving my laptop for a longer time and it booted in like...
  14. H

    Will this motherboard be compatible with this pc case?

    ASUS AMD AM3+ 760G 4*DDR3 2*USB3.0 10*USB2.0 GBE LAN DVI HDMI Micro-ATX MOTHERBOARD Corsair CC-9011050-WW Carbide Series SPEC-01 Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case...
  15. K

    Realtek HD Audio not installing

    I recently built a new PC, and Realtek HD audio won't install. Error code: 0x000000FF, every other driver installs normally. Also Google Chrome won't install either if that's some how related. Specs: I3-4170 MSI H81M-E34 Samsung EVO SSD Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit I've tried reinstalling windows...
  16. A

    MOBO not recognizing CD/DVD player or new Hard Drive

    Hi, I inherited a computer from my parents and I am trying to fix it. Best Buy said the hard drive had failed. It is an HP p6210f: I bought a new hard drive: (Seagate 2TB Desktop Gaming SSHD(Solid State Hybrid Drive) SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache...
  17. J

    Advice on hard drive replacement scenario - thoughts?

    I would like some opinions on a laptop hard drive replacement situation My father has an Acer Aspire 7750Z-4623. Intel Pentium B940, 4GB RAM, 640GB 5400 RPM HDD, Windows 7 64bit (full specs here) My father has had this laptop for a couple years now. The laptop mostly worked fine, except about...
  18. J

    Need help with power supplies!!!

    I know the title is confusing. Anyways, i'll try to make it short and sweet. I currently have: i5 3570k (OC'd to 4.3) GTX 980 (stock overclock msi) 8gb ram (2 sticks of 4gb 1600) SSD 3 WD black/green CORSAIR CX 600 That is my main gaming rig here^ I'm building a Plex media server...
  19. N

    bsod IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL gaming!

    Hello my name is Noderaidergames and, for the past couple of months that I've had my new gaming pc which my specs will be in here at the bottom but, Ive had bsod for the 3 months I've had this machine and got this bsod IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL which is mostly ram problems and I've sent my motherboard...
  20. M

    Windows 10 privacy policy

    Does below lines are true "Finally, we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary"