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  1. J

    Question "Monitor going to sleep" after boot (HP LV1911)

    I just bought some new components and build the pc myself. The monitor (only have VGA port), keyboard and mouse are old. I don't have a GPU. My build is msi b450 gaming pro carbon max wifi, amd ryzen 3 3100, g.skill trident z rgb 8gb*2, wd blue 1tb 7.2k rpm, cooler master mwe 550 bronze and a...

    Question Adapter VGA to HDMI with audio makes a strange constant noise ?

    Hi everyone one, I'm new on this forum. I have converted my old laptop (HP probook 6550b) into a desktop PC. The motherboard has only VGA so I bought an adapter VGA to HDMI with audio. Everything works fine except for the audio because from the speakers a constant noise come out. Sounds like a...
  3. _Hansa_

    Question Modern GPU with old VGA Monitor?

    Hey guys. I'll buy GTX 1650 Super in a few days and I want to use it with my old VGA only monitor over HDMI to VGA active adapter. Is it gonna work? I read something like "new modern GPUs can't work together with old monitors 'cause of them drivers." I mean, I know it will decrease the refresh...
  4. Adam Makdessy

    Question What would you recommend between theses Graphic Cards?

    Hello! What would you recommend between theses Graphic Cards: AFOX GeForce GT730 LP 4GB Asus Strix 970 4GB MSI N750 Ti Geforce GTX 2GB Nvidia Quadro K4000 3GB GDDR5 Intel Core i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00GHz ASUS Prime B360M-A MB HyperX FuryX 16GB RAM Computer is used for: Running Android applications...
  5. Envelion

    Question VGA converter Display not Detected

    Hi there, I have a GTX 1660 graphics card and I was disappointed to find out that it only had HDMI and DisplayPorts. Both of my monitors are VGA for the time being. I was able to use an VGA-to-HDMI converter to get my main display on. However, the graphics card only has 1 HDMI port, and the rest...
  6. akashnai

    Question Do i have to remove graphic card to get ouput to my monitor using igpu?

    I got a new workstation. Hp-z230 sff. And its motherboard got 3 displayports, but no vga no hdmi. Only 3 display ports. So i tried to use dp to vga converter thing. And it didn't work. Also i have installed gt710 graphic card. But I'm thinking of returning it. If i can get output using dp to vga...
  7. akashnai

    Question Can i use HP-Z230 sff without graphics card?

    I just bought hp-z230 sff workstation and i paid 3500inr just for the vga converter which is in graphic card. I did some research and found out that my pc have 3 display ports, but no hdmi no vga ports. So can I use displayport to vga converter and use it to for my display. I have i5 4th gen...
  8. V

    Question Sync issue with HDMI to VGA adapter?

    Well, it's been a lively day trying to fix the following issue: When I plug an HDMI to VGA adapter into the HDMI port of my Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-42) to connect to a VGA only Samsung S19B150 monitor, the display works fine for a minute, after which it develops a weird pattern that I can only...
  9. D

    Question wii2vga adapter and then hdmi to vga converter?

    alright, so i've been looking to play wii on my lcd monitor for a long time, the thing is, it only has vga input. So i did some research on some local markets and found out, the only way i "could get it to work" is by buying a wii2hdmi adapter (this adapter im 100% sure it will work) and then...
  10. sachikosen

    [SOLVED] HP VGA Monitor suddenly doesn't work with vga to hdmi adapter

    Hello, Was using a msi 7rd laptop with multiple display capable wiith usb c port and hdmi. so i have an old hp monitor a vga one. so for the past i was using a vga to hdmi adapter. it was working fine. then about a year ago it doesnt work. but the monitor works with other laptop using also a...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] HDMI to vga adpter works with laptop , but not with pc , Please help

    Hello. So after my christmas i built my pc , connected the adapter and the monitor (i have a vga monitor and gpu does have only hdmi and displayport connectors so i have bought hdmi to vga adapter) and it showed up no signal. I have tried pc with tv (without adapter) and it worked. also the...
  12. Zairfins

    Question Does modern GPU like RX 570 has the capability to preserve its driver file into its memory?

    so i just bought a used GPU, asap i installed it to my PC, then i pushed the power button, at a second the monitor showed "No signal detected" , but then after few seconds the monitor eventually got the signal. i just wonder whats happening during the "no signal detected " , is it the system...
  13. V

    [SOLVED] Screen Flickering and Grainy After Installing New Gpu

    Recently I had upgraded my GPU from an ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 6GB to an ASUS Geforce RTX 2070 Super 8GB. After which I noticed my screen was slightly grainy/fuzzy/static especially on darker colors. My screen also started to flicker whenever I was playing a game and got worse with the more...
  14. N

    Question USB to VGA adapter not working after update

    After I updated my windows 10 my usb to vga adapter is not working. Error comes up saying display not detected
  15. J

    Question What Should I Do? Display To VGA or?

    So, plan on getting a new gpu but there is an issue....I have 2 monitors one has HDMI and the other is VGA. The gpu has 3 displayports 1.4 and 1 hdmi port. Which one would be the best option. 1. Get a Displayport 1.4 To Vga Adapter or 2. Use my mother board graphics for the one monitor and...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] How can I fit a non-VGA GPU into a VGA-only monitor?

    So, I am planning to buy Radeon R9 290, and I have a VGA monitor. Only VGA. And Radeon R9 290 has no VGA port. Which adapter do I need to buy?
  17. X

    Question Intel integrated GPU drivers cause BSOD.

    Good evening, I hope this is the right forum for my problem. I do have a problem with the Intel VGA drivers of my laptop. The laptopmodel in question is the "Acer Aspire E1-572-54204G50Mnii". The laptop worked fine, but for some reason the preinstalled drivers stopped working. "The...
  18. IRmehdi

    Question vga and dvi-d monitor with rx 580

    hi guys my monitor only has vga and dvi-d ports and my new gpu is rx 580 that got dvi-d hdmi and display port so if i dont want to use dvi-d, what kind of conventer should i get? hdmi or display port? for gaming of course
  19. W

    Question What kind of Display adapter do I need?

    So I have two monitors. The primary one is connected via HDMI. The secondary monitor (not connected yet) only allows HDMI and VGA. I can't use HDMI on the secondary monitor because my GPU (GTX 1050) only has 1 HDMI slot. But I also can't use the VGA connection as the GPU also doesn't have a...
  20. M

    Question Using the motherboard hdmi without a APU

    Hi guys, I have a ryzen 5 2600 and RX 580 in an Asrock b450 ITX I was wondering if was possible to use the hdmi on the mobo in a second monitor. The reason is bc my vga have just one hdmi port and I dont have a displayport adapter. Is it possible?