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    Question Custom Pc Build asus Maximus Xiii extreme

    Dear I have problems whit start up of my new custom built, when start up it give fault codes whatch video. Somthimes my pc freeze on load vga in bios. my screens dont tun always on It also crash in windows. Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG MAXIMUS XIII EXTREME (LGA1200) CPU : intel core...
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    [SOLVED] help me

    hi 👋 x470 aorus ultra gaming gill evo 16gb 3200mhz ryzen 5 2600x gigabyte 5600 xt evga supernova 750w g3 I restarted the device and did not boot and a VGA or CPU lamp appears The BIOS and the drivers have been updated, and everything has been updated, but they are still waiting and not taking...