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  1. slime785

    [SOLVED] VGA Debug light is on ?

    I just built my first computer and whenever i try to boot it up it just a black screen on my monitor. i tried HDMI and DisplayPort. none worked. Its only the VGA light on. it used to never be on before when i tried first booting it up. I was never able to get it to boot up so i tried moving some...
  2. Shadowspirit91

    [SOLVED] Random VGA Debug Led

    Hi guys, My 6 months old PC is acting up, since a couple of weeks. Very random and rarely it doesnt boot with the VGA Debug led lit. More often in the morning on a cold boot. Specs: i5 9600K @ 4,8ghz Noctua D15 Chromax MSI Z390-A Pro MSI RTX 2080 Super 16gb 3200mhz Corsair Ram 750 CM Bronze...