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  1. kgod

    Question gpu doesnt get detected when booting computer

    gpu not detecting on my mobo even though it was working fine before??? computer crashed (no blue screen) wouldnt turn on, finally got it to turn on, half an hour later it wont shut off. i come back and it now cant detect the gpu. i shut it off so many times and i sent back the gpu but apparently...
  2. prizmr6s

    Question VGA light flashing after new motherboard and 4 gpus

    Hello! Recently my computer screen froze, and after a reboot only one of my 3 monitors was working and the resolution went from 1080p to 720p, and after trying to restart, all component RGB still worked and the boot looked fine, except no monitors would power on. We ordered and replace the PSU...
  3. O

    Question VGA/GPU light came on after enabling “Secure Boot” and “TPM 2.0” ?

    really hope that someone can respond to this with an answer I really need it. I was in BIOS turning on “secure boot” and “TMP 2.0 to play Valorant. After I saved it when I restarted, the display from my monitor shut off and the VGA/GPU light came on in my motherboard. My monitor was working...
  4. E

    Question VGA Light, no post with GPU installed

    So I recently managed to find a good deal on the i7 11700 and I've since upgraded from my R5 1600 to it. I've had my system for 2 years now with 0 problems. I know all of the hardware works for sure except for the new motherboard, I've heard that there can be semi-frequent duds. So far I've...
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] VGA light on, no post/video from gpu or onboard gpu

    Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: radeon rx 580 mobo: asus rog strix B450-F gaming ram: 2 x g-skill flare x Issue: So I had my computer for 3 years and then suddenly my monitors would no longer display. Took it in and was told that the mobo (gigabyte GA-AB350-gaming) had broken and that was the...
  6. O

    Question PC stopped POSTing after wife accidentally plugged in a monitor to the mobo port ?

    Hi All, Put together a brand new PC for the wife, she used it for 3 days absolutely 0 problems whatsoever. She accidentally plugged in a second monitor into the mobo instead of the GPU and called me over after because the PC wasn't POSTing. I unplugged the second monitor and turned on the PC...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] VGA light on MSI B550M board is on and won't go off

    I've just finished my new PC build. Visually all components seems to be working, however there is no signal to my monitor and a solid red light is showing for VGA on the motherboard. I did notice that the CPU light on the debug indicator comes on for 3-4 seconds when I turn the PC on but then...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Motherboard vga light on and does not post

    Rog strix Rtx 2070 Ryzen 5 3600 Asus prime x570 pro Corsair vengeance rgb pro 3600mhz Corsair rm750x psu Just build my computer two days ago and now it wont turn on and i cant get even in the bios. Motherboard vga and boot lights are on. I have tried different pcie slots and cheked all the...
  9. F


    Just built my first pc and I’m not getting a post, pc will turn on fine apart from one rgb Corsair fan and the VGA white light is on on my rog motjerboard how do i fix this
  10. J

    Question New build giving solid VGA light

    I just put together my new build, however when I boot it up the cpu and dram debug lights flash for a second, and then I get a solid white vga light and a green boot light. I get no display signal at all and can't get into the bios. I've removed my gpu for the time being and plugged directly...