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  1. Question Which GPU should I choose?

    Hi all! So I'm planning to buy a GPU for playing games like Genshin Impact, Valorant and others. I have 4 GPU options I can buy. GPU options: GTX 460 (768 MB, 192 Bit) HD 6670 (1 GB, 128 Bit) HD 5770 (512 MB, 128 Bit) GT 545 (3 GB, 192 Bit) My PC specifications use the E3-1220 V3 CPU and PSU...
  2. C

    Question VGA to VGA or HDMI to VGA or Displayport to VGA?

    I have a workstation laptop with VGA, HDMI and Displayport which I want to connect to a monitor that has a VGA connector. I was wondering which port on the computer to connect it to. Does it even matter? VGA is an analog interface so the digital signal from HDMI and Displayport will probably be...
  3. S

    Question monitor randomly loses signal in windows not in linux

    I have my monitor connected via HDMI(MB) to DVI in the monitor, processor is A10-7700. On linux I dont have any issues, in windows same configuration, the screen go blank for a couple of seconds and come back to normal. Looks like a driver issue on windows, windows and linux use the latest...
  4. Dino_Saur

    Question System not booting into windows

    My old motherboard (Asrock X370) died so I upgraded to MSI B550 Tomahawk and Ryzen 5 5600X processor. Other components are: EVGA GTX 1080 SC Western Digital 1TB HDD Kingston 120GB M.2 SSD (contains Windows 10) Corsair 16GB 3000mHz RAM Cooler Master 750W PSU 80+ Bronze The system successfully...
  5. B

    Question PC wont boot and VGA LED is ON ?

    Hello, I recently started getting issues with my PC where it didnt want to boot anymore. From working fine for months, to suddenly this. Simply put, turned it on, no video output, but the leds on the motherboard/ case fans etc worked fine. VGA LED was on so i assumed it had something to do with...
  6. S

    Question PC having either VGA or Memory booting issues. I'm out of ideas. Long detailed explanation of my problem

    Here's my RIG: Intel Core i9 9900k Nvidia 2080 Super FE 32gb Trident Z RGB RAM CL16 16-16-16-32 Asus ROG Z390 Maximus XI Formula 2 1tb Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD Corsair RM850 Gold certified I have had this rig built since September 2019 with absolutely no issues at all until about a...
  7. J

    Question Motherboard's VGA light stays white, cannot detect GPU.

    I built this PC a month ago and it's been working fine, but after removing the GPU to put some new fans in I noticed this issue more, but normally reseating the card fixed it. Today however after seating an additional fan, I can't it to be recognized at all. I've spent the last hour reseating...
  8. BabajiGamer

    Question New build only boots once after each CMOS reset ?

    I finished building my first self assembled PC, and it booted normally on first startup. I shut it down and attached my Windows 10 installation USB. When I powered back up, the MOBO briefly flashed through all 4 problem indicator lights, then the VGA light stayed on and the machine did not...
  9. BJDubb

    Question PC wont POST (VGA Light)

    Hi, My computer has stopped turning on recently, so I pulled it apart and tried to diagnose the problem. I got pretty far and eventually realised I needed a new Mobo. The old system was: i7 8700K 16gb 3400mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro Aorus RTX 2070 Super Asus ROG Strix Z370-H Mobo Antec 850W Gold+...
  10. T

    Question Which gpu vga cable?

    Which brand gpu vga cable do I need for my EVGA SuperNOVA 120-GP-0850-X1, 850 G+, 80 Plus Gold 850W, Fully Modular power supply and 3080ti graphics card? It has three 8 pin connector slots. There’s a bunch of different cables on Amazon but a lot of them have reviews that say they fried a gpu or...
  11. mjch7

    Question Gpu and tv problem

    I have a bit of an issue with my gpu and a tv. So my gpu is a Radeon hd 4850 with a dvi-I output. It works well with my monitor but I tried plugging it to my tv through a vga cable and a dvi to vga adaptator. The pc works but the gpu fans spin and I get a no signal from pc. I tried plugging the...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] HDMI to VGA adaptors not working - Why?

    Hi guys, I have recently purchased a GPD Pocket 3 with the built in KVM module for work. This device works really well as a KVM but I have an issue. The KVM display in is HDMI only, so to connect to computers & servers that only have VGA ports I need to convert it. I have purchased the below...
  13. nitharshan95

    Question Pc turns off

    I plugged two monitors and while using computer suddenly my pc turns off, I have no idea about the issue. :(
  14. Bread 👄

    Question Vga led on and no boot screen

    So I have had my pc since 2019 I have a asus rog strix b450 f motherboard with a ryzen 5 3600 and msi 2070 super and I updated to windows 11 like 2 days ago. I decided it might be a good time to update my bios again so I did ez update from asus and then restarted my pc and worked fine for a few...
  15. hibuddy12

    Question Help with VGA light on motherboard

    Hello, My PC including all parts is just about 2 years old and this is the first time I have ever experienced and issue like this When booting up my PC the motherboard will cycle through the error lights, stop on VGA and show a little underscore like on the command prompt and go back to black...
  16. G

    Question VGA to HDMI adapter, no signal

    I'm trying to connect the VGA port on my Dell Optiplex 9020 desktop computer to a 1080p HDMI monitor using a VGA to HDMI adapter. I am getting no signal. The VGA port works with a regular VGA monitor. Any suggestions?
  17. A

    Question Budget GPU for three 4K monitors @ 60Hz ?

    I'm a software developer. I don't do gaming on my PC. I had a 1440p monitor along with 2x1080p monitors. I just bought 2 new 4K monitors and I'm planning to upgrade the 3rd one to a 4K as well. However, today I understood that while my GPU didn't have any problem with 3 monitors, it only...
  18. Carlos Yung

    Question HDMI to VGA adapter not working (but it should?)

    I've got two Samsung monitors, both 60Hz and VGA input only. My computer has one VGA and one HDMI output. My graphics card does support to output through both simultaneously. If I connect one monitor and my TV that has HDMI input, I can extend the desktop. So I bought an HDMI to VGA adapter to...
  19. G

    Question My Motherboards video output are not working

    Hey, So I own an older PC and I need to be able to get a triple monitor setup. But my Video card Radeon R7 240 only has 2 video outputs an HDMI and a VGA. Up until now everything was fine since I was using a dual monitor setup. But now I need to power my graphic tablet as well. So I tried using...
  20. WolfHeathen

    Question No VGA signal

    Hello! I've been using and building computers for almost 20 years as a hobby and this is the first time I've run into a problem that I don't know how to fix. Here's my issue: First off, my computer worked fine for about to months without any issues. Then, after a reboot, it stopped feeding a...
  21. P

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 can't use 3060 Ti ?

    This is a long post sorry. I have been at this issue for 2 days now. I got a new MSI 3060 ti ventus 3X to replace my place holder card GTX 560 ti (I had to use what was lying around). I plugged it into my motherboard (Asus b450 f gaming) and its handy white led shone like the sun. The light...
  22. Razzaholt

    Question VGA white light on MOBO - First setup

    Hi all, so I’m helping somebody to build a gaming pc. After the first switch on, the ezbug went through the process. Cpu passed, dram passed, but it’s stuck on a solid white light on VGA. There is a light above the graphics card pin connector, which I believe confirms it’s connected to the PSU...
  23. rgabor

    Question [VBIOS search] MSI Gaming GTX 980Ti 6Gb OC

    Hi! I'm searching for a saved vbios rom file for this card. I tried all the downloads from techpowerup and none of them seems to work. Thank you in advance.
  24. djgioxofficial

    [SOLVED] Using APU for graphics, but using old GPU just for the VGA port?

    Hello everyone. I am building my first PC, parts that I chose are following: CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G + Wraith Stealth cooler MB : ASUS ROG Strix B450-F II RAM : G.Skill Aegis 2x8 GB 3200MHz CL16 PSU : LC500H-12 First of all, are my components compatible with each other? Second, I have an...
  25. T

    Question VGA error on first boot in the morning ?

    So i built myself new PC with GPU and some drives from my old PC. The problem is that when i power on the PC in the morning. It gives me VGA error by beeping (one long and 3 short beeps if i remember correctly) and the VGA error light turns on on motherboard. Then i have to press ctrl+alt+del to...
  26. NoobTechs69

    [SOLVED] RTX 3060 versus RX 6600 ?

    what should I pick? bcs in my country RX6600 slightly cheaper but i havent seen many reviews of RX 6600 , mostly they only reviewed the RX 6600 XT one. Perosnally I just use it for a lil competitive gaming and do some college works ( Rendering 3Ds and Video editing ) Which one I should pick...
  27. JoeyJoestar

    [SOLVED] VGA and HDMI ports from Motherboard not working?

    A weird problem I had recently, did a cleaning of the my PC tower as it was getting dirty but after finishing it and connecting everything back, it seems like some of my back panel MOBO ports just stopped working. Ports that can connect to my devices and function normally: USB ports Ethernet...
  28. ryler22

    [SOLVED] VGA to HDMI vs DVI to HDMI adapter

    Would a DVI cable connected to a DVI to HDMI adapter give you better picture quality than a VGA cable connected to a VGA to HDMI adapter? or would the quality nearly be the same?
  29. nicokaniak

    Question Q-Led Stuck in VGA and BOOT ?

    Hardware: -Ryzen 5900x - Mobo: Asus TUF Gaming X570 Pro-wifi GPU: Radeon Pro WX3200 So initially I had an issue with the VGA Q-Led, solved by buying a graphics card. When tried to finally boot and have something is shown on the display the BOOT led activates.... I update to the latest BIOS...
  30. I

    [SOLVED] Blurry on the edges of objects on new monitor ?

    I bought a new monitor yesterday (Samsung LF 22 T350 FHW) and paired with my old PC. I had to use VGA cable as the PC does not have HDMI. When I started a game, I noticed that the edges of the objects are a bit blurry. Here are some pictures Image 1 image 2 Image 3 I don't know if the monitor...
  31. B

    [SOLVED] VGA and Boot light LED on after installing new PSU

    I have had an 850W Gold Thermaltake PSU sitting around, as I was waiting for the new GPUs to come in stock, but I decided to go ahead and put it in. I tried just switching the PSUs out and not messing with the cables, but nothing turned on. I switched out all the cables to the new PSU and...
  32. N

    [SOLVED] How would I install an AIO on to a GPU without screws ?

    So I recently purchased the ID-COOLING Iceflow VGA aio. I assumed that my 1080ti would be compatible with it, but the screws that came with the cooler are just too short. How would I mount the cooler onto the GPU without said screws? The screws go into a bracket that then connects to the cooler...
  33. S

    [SOLVED] Computer not posting (VGA light on)

    Hey all. Just made an account here because I’m having issues with my Rig. About a month ago I upgraded my CPU to a Ryzen 5900x. For the first couple of days I had no issues with my upgrade. However, I noticed when playing Tarkov sometimes that my computer would freeze up. Sometimes just...
  34. B

    Question White MOBO led turns on at boot, no post, near the DRAM or VGA asus B-450-F

    When i go to boot my PC (rtx 2070, ryzen 7 2700x, asus b450-f, 16gb trident Z neo ram) a white light turn on the Mobo and i cant get a post. This problem started out of nowhere and I cant seem to find the root of the issue. After dusting my pc and fiddling with the CPU cooler it booted again but...
  35. J

    [SOLVED] HDMI port to VGA Monitor

    Hello guys, i am currently having some problem on my display like sometimes black screen or reconnecting but my monitor is turned-on, so i think there might be a problem with the HDMI to VGA converter i am currently using and i am planning to change it. As i just found out that there is...
  36. O

    [SOLVED] Pc won't wake up from long sleep.

    Hello guys, It's been almost a month that I started to have a strange problem where my pc won't turn on again after being in sleep mode for a long period. If I manually test the sleep mode it has no problem posting and booting back to the os but when I leave my pc on for a while, 4/5 of the...
  37. B

    Question New Build. VGA light on boot. No Post. Problem with GPU?

    Parts: Ryzen 7 5800x - 16GB 3900mhz RAM - New 750W PSU - ROG STRIX B550 On boot, VGA light stays on, no screen. I have had same problem with three different boards. Monitor cable has been plugged into GTX 680. The following is my trouble shooting. Removed GPU, tested only CPU and RAM...
  38. G

    [SOLVED] laptop + old VGA monitor= tiles,flicker

    My HP elitebook laptop display broke and I temporarily want to use my old 14" vga monitor as display. The laptop has a vga port and I hooked it up with my monitor. I read somewhere that the bios will detect lowest resolution of monitor and adjust accordingly. But both bios boot screen and the...
  39. mhinori

    [SOLVED] Pc froze. Display port and HDMI no signal.

    My PC had been working just fine until earlier today. I’ve had the PC for about two years now. Asus Rog Strix x470-F gaming mobo EVGA 1080 R7 2700x I was on twitch when all of the sudden my PC froze. I held down the power button to turn it off, waited a bit, and hit the power button to turn it...