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    Question Recommended graphics card replacement (see post for specs)?

    My graphics card busted a while ago... and I never really got around to finding a suitable replacement, but having trouble deciding. I'm not looking for anything high-end, I just want something that'll allow me to play the majority of games (not so much bothered with newer games). Preferably...
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    Intel i5 4690k enough for 2 r9 390x's?

    Will be building a gaming PC quite soon and I will probably be buying an r9 390x graphics card, then eventually upgrading to a second one. The CPU I am considering is the Intel i5 4690k. I was wondering if the CPU is going to be fast enough for the two graphics cards together, so as to not...
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    AMD 7950 Reference card with CPU water cooler and stock plate and radial fan. Anyone done this?

    I've got a bracket to mount the cooler on order along with a shim but got impatient and dug into it today. Took the stock plate and heatsink off and cooked it in the oven at 400 degrees till the heatsink fell off. Remounted the plate and fan and zip tied a cpu water cooler on with a shim i...