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  1. C

    Question Steamroller around my case

    Bonjour, from France, For the next few months I am enjoying the benefits of construction work going on around my house all day. The vibrations are constantly felt inside the house, sometimes stronger when the steamroller pilot drank too much coffee. Most of the time it's not crazy vibrations...
  2. hyrix7Q

    [SOLVED] vibration noise from PSU area !

    Hello guys! so i'hv been hearing some vibration noise on my pc and its coming from the psu area and some guys told me it can be the hdds causing the vibration against the case so i tried to take the hdd out of the case and the vibration noise was going and coming as long as i touch the hdd...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Loose front fan caused vibration on the case

    So I assembled a computer recently but did a poor job fixing 2 fans to the front case grid. I was short on a screw and decided to use it that way, anyway. I think I used the computer for 3-4 weeks. There was a little bit of vibration in the case, very slight Could I have damaged any hardware...
  4. J

    Question HDD making strange vibrations.

    HDD: WD Gold Enterprise Class 4 TB (Doesnt have OS installed on it just games etc) Right so few hrs ago i noticed it but like every 10-30 seconds my HDD makes a "punchy" vibration that i can feel on my arm when im resting my arm on my tables mousepad (PC is about 1 meter off my mouse pad) while...
  5. Atterus

    [SOLVED] Motherboard durability

    Hello all! I had a question regarding more typical motherboards on the market. I see most usually indicate the temperatures they can get up to before having trouble, but I wanted some slightly more in depth information. I'm looking for a commercially available motherboard that can operate in...
  6. Emshe

    [SOLVED] GPU Fans Vibrating PC

    My MSI RX570 OC armor's fans seem to be vibrating the case heavily when on a very big load. I knew when I bought it that the fans were bad, but I didn't think this would be happening. I understand that having minor buzzing/vibrations is normal since there are lots of moving parts in a pc. But...
  7. teqq

    Question HDD high pitch noise

    When the hdd(WD Blue 1tb) is fastened properly it makes a high pitch noise(like coil whine or something) that's very annoying which disappears when loosening a screw but then it starts vibrating the case also making a low noise, what do?
  8. M

    How do I get rid of an amddvr error on startup?

    I've got an AMD RX580 card in my computer for which I've had for over a year now, running Win7. I used to run two Nivida 460 cards, and when one card went bad I simply upgraded to the 580 card. The card worked fine with all of my games old, and new [newest was Wolfenstein Colossus. Well...
  9. D

    Hotspot with remote networking

    My wife just was asked to work from home. So they gave her a computer and had her take it home and set up to use on the work network. We want to travel a little and were going to buy a hotspot. And laptop. Could we use the laptop and hotspot to remote access the work computer at our house that...
  10. R

    Generic Gamepad analog sticks working in windows but not in games.

    So, I recently picked up a cheap generic controller, the problem I am facing is that the analog sticks dont work in games. In windows, where you can check if your devices are working it shows that the analog sticks work perfectly fine, but when I try to play a game I cant get them to work...
  11. D

    How to reduce my 'online footprint'?

    Hi folks, Do you have any specific tips on reducing how much of personal data is spread using a Win10 PC and its general usage (web browsing, email etc)? I know this a bit of wide-ranging question, but I'd like to know if there are great add-ons etc for blocking cookies, web history, blocking...
  12. D

    R7 370 or RX 560

    Which would run better for gaming,r7 370 2gb 256 bit or rx560 2gb 128 bit.R7 is 1000mhz,rx560 is 1300mhz. Also would it run most games on high-ultra if I went crossfire with R7?
  13. K

    [Help] Feedback for this build

    New to the pc building world, I was told I could get help here. I've read through the beginners guide, spoke with a friend who built his own for tips, and used to help with compatibility and wattage. I still have some worries. First: motherboards. Is the sound card built in...
  14. M

    Good Fan Type For Radiator

    For this radiator are these good fans?
  15. D

    New built PC will not detect the hard drive

    I just built a new PC. Specs: MSI Z170A M3 GTX 1070 Intel SSD M2 256GB i7-6700k and a WD Blue 1TB HDD As I said before, when I first started up my PC, it detected my SSD so I installed W10 on it. However, in the bios settings and disk management, I cannot find my Hard drive anywhere. I tried...
  16. M

    mobo cpu compatibility

    I need to find a list of compatible cpu's for an AMD m2n61-AX. I'm hoping an AMD FX 4100 Quad Core 3.60ghz will work.
  17. A

    Graphics Card Upgrade for 7 year old PC?

    So my graphics card has broke and the PC repair man said I need another. I was hoping a few of you who know about this sort of thing could steer me in the right direction as to which one to buy. Now these the specs of my comp Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q6600 Quad Core Processor(2.4GHz,8MB...
  18. S

    SanDisk SSD significantly underperforming standard benchmarks

    I installed a new SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD (SDSSDHII480G), and I ran two PassMark 8.0 tests (2,336; 2,558) -- my average score was 2,447. According to the overall average score for the same drive is 3,908. That's 60% higher than what I'm getting. I'm running on a Dell...
  19. T

    i7 4930k vs i7 5930k

    I am currently building an OC/Gaming rig and I am on the fence between these two processors. The motherboards will be the highest tier Asus ROG available for the appropriate socket. I know the 5930k is the newer one but it carries the extra cost of DDR4 RAM. According to my research so far, the...
  20. C

    Laptop slow at everything.

    So first of all, information about my laptop: Model: QOSMIO X775-Q7380 (Qosmio X775-Q7380 Support | Toshiba) Specs: (more can be found here: Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7380 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop - Fusion X2 Finish in Red Horizon by Toshiba at Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 RAM 6 GB...