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video card

Forum discussion tagged with video card.
  1. U

    Question Turn off hdmi port on discreet graphics card?

    hello I have a GeForce 770gtx with 2xdvi,display port and hdmi, the hdmi port was damaged when I tripped over the cord 😒, broke the little board in the centre. now I think the port is registering that a cable is still connected, when it's not. tried the dvi plugs with hdmi adapter to my hdmi...
  2. DarkDimensionZ

    Question GPU no signal but when plugged in onboard Monitor has signal

    soooo my pc is transported from a long way and when I on it the video card is not being detected but it has mouse and keyboard light so I think this will work on onboard.. yes it works but the gpu is still plugged in and the fans are not spinning i suggest its from the zero rpm from the radeon...
  3. Turtle Rig

    Discussion The Ampere 3080Ti is not worth it and is a rip off for some gamers

    So 21 days 21 years since my Riva TNT card coming from a Voodoo1 2D/3D Hercules card. The folks at nVidia have specifically said the performance advantage of the 3080Ti over the 2080Ti is 30 percent. Which means if your playing at 4K resolution and your getting a steady 60FPS with the 2080Ti...
  4. B

    Question Best Laptop For Graphics Work?

    Hey Guys! I would like to get your help and expertise on what is the best laptop for graphics work. PROBLEM: I'm thinking the issue may be graphics card related. As in, my graphics card is not equipped to handle the heavy workload of programs like Adobe CC 2020 and is getting overworked. Could...
  5. S

    Question Which UPS

    I have recently built a new PC rig, and for some reason, shortly after playing FPS primarily games, the UPS I have everything plugged into continues to alarm and shuts down the application/game I'm running. Here are the specs of the PC and what is currently plugged into the UPC: I7-9700k CPU...
  6. W

    Question best budget video card for an min itx build?

    best budget video card for an min itx build?making an steam box well installing window 10 on an computer for steam an emulator also?
  7. KidTao

    Question Dual Card GPU & PSU

    Hello, PC Gurus; I have an 850W PSU liquid cooled chassis, and I have been looking into a dual card GPU upgrade. Most video cards that I have looked at are listing 250w for their power consumption, and pretty much all of them ask for 650w system power supply. For my upgraded rig, with 350w...
  8. whitesphere

    Question Graphics Card Upgrade Options (Compatibility)

    I have an HP Pavilion Computer and I'm planning to upgrade my gpu to play games that I can't play right now. This is my PC specs https://support.hp.com/ph-en/document/c04997122 Cheers and thank you for reading!
  9. TaxCredit83

    Question Cpu Bottleneck?

    I am upgrading my PC with 2 - EVGA 2080ti FTW3s with SLI. However, I'm concerned that the rest of my components will bottleneck the 2080tis. My current PC hardware can be found below. Any thoughts on what I need to upgrade to fully utilized the GPUs? ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero LGA 1151 (300...
  10. GettoDacul

    Question 165Hz + 75 Hz monitors

    Hello there! So I am running a dual monitor setup, one having 165Hz and the other having 75Hz. I am having the common issue where the refresh rate of my 2nd monitor drops to the refresh rate of the 1st one. Both are Freesync compatible but I am using a GTX 1070 card. My question is, would I fix...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] ~$500 Budget Upgrade!

    Hello folks, tried r/buildapc, but got only one input, so I had to come back back here as I know numerous helpers are around and vocal. I've had the same components for about 2-3 years as I built it during my early years of high school. They were good enough for me as I mainly only played...
  12. Octuplus33|

    Question My PC gets randomly stuck with black screen

    Hello, I have a problem that is constantly appearing these days, my PC is beginning to be useless. The problem is the next one: My PC, specially when playing games, gets stucked ¿How? It's like im playing and suddenly the displays turns black, it doesn't turn off, just black. Today for...
  13. Y

    Question Crash while gaming: 0x141 VIDEO_ENGINE_TIMEOUT_DETECTED

    Every thread I found on this online does not have a definite solution, just saying uPdaTe yOuR drRivERS. I'm leaning towards replacing my graphics card, but I'd like to hear from some people directly. SPECS (All stock clocks and voltages): AMD Ryzen 7 2700x Gigabyte B450M DS3H 2x16GB Corsair...
  14. TheFinalUwU

    Question Basic Noob in need of a GPU without PSU.

    Ok, so, I'm in desperate need of a GPU, I've got a 310w Gold PSU, and a 3.0 PCIe x16 slot. I'm looking for a GPU that doesn't need the PSU to be plugged into it, I've read some things online about GPU's that don't need external power, yet I'm not 100% sure on what that means. I'm hoping it means...
  15. B

    Question What GPU do you recommend?

    Hi, people. Was wondering what GPU do you recommend for this build? I need to change it Z170X-Gaming 3 i7 7700 16 GB ram Don't remember what PSU I have tho Thanks in advance.
  16. P

    Question Gigabye RTX 2060 WINDFORCE OC 6G REV 2.0 vs REV 1.0 difference?

    Hi guys, What is the difference between Gigabye RTX 2060 WINDFORCE OC 6G REV 2.0 and REV 1.0? What makes REV 2.0 better? On Gigabyte website I can't find any information what they changed and why. Aynbody has any information? thank you!
  17. T

    Question Motherboard x Video card compatibility

    Hey guys Im building a pc and wanted to know Is this motherboard and this videocard compatible? https://www.kabum.com.br/produto/83474/placa-de-video-gigabyte-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-g1-gaming-3gb-gddr5-gv-n1060g1-gaming-3gd...
  18. H

    Question Pc won't start when i put my radeon hd 7570

    Fans are working fine but there's black screen. When i remove it pc starts normally. Sorry for bad english My specs: Intel Core i3-3220 8gb ram ddr3 1333mhz 300w psu FSP300-60ght 250gb hdd And the video card HD7570
  19. Poopaxd

    Question Will the PSU make it

    First of all i was told i need to change my PSU before doing any upgrade on my system. However some people tell me that my PSU will make it a little bit of time until i get a new PSU. So my parts are following. CPU: Intel Celeron G1620 Dual-Core 2.7Ghz Mobo: Asrock H61M-VG3 Ram: 8GB Samsung...
  20. E

    [SOLVED] How Should I Pick A Graphics Card

    I'm building a computer with a Ryzen 3 3200 4 core processor. The computer is going to be used for gaming (Destiny 1, Minecraft, Fortnight, etc.) I don't know how I should decide which card to purchase, but my total budget for the computer is $600