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  1. M

    Question Graphics card recommendation please

    I have a home build PC based on a Gigabyte AORUS GA-Z270X Gaming 7 motherboard, which has an onboard Intel HD Graphics 630 chip providing 4096x2304@60Hz via Displayport (v1.2) and 4096x2160@24Hz via HDMI (v1.4). I recently purchased a HP Z38c curved monitor, which has both a Displayport 1.2 and...
  2. System32_76

    Question Great, Free GPU Stress Test Apps for Linux

    Hello everyone! What are some free, great GPU stress test apps for Linux? I'm looking for just GPU stress testing apps, no benchmarking ones.
  3. S

    Question Why am I getting low FPS with my NEW RTX 3090 Kingpin?

    Hello, I used to have a AIB fan cooled RTX 3090 for my primary GPU but today I upgraded to a RTX 3090 Kingpin as the primary. I used to get 120+ FPS playing Warzone in 4k with no problem. Today, after I installed the new RTX 3090 Kingpin, my FPS in Warzone is 40-50 FPS why is that?
  4. S

    Question Is there a GPU stand that I can buy to hold my GPU steady while mounted on a PCI-E GPU riser?

    Hello, this is not my GPU but I am just using the picture to let you guys know the idea of what I am talking about: Currently, my GPU is mounted on GPU riser like the one in this picture...
  5. S

    Question Are GPU crypto mining frames one-size-fits-all?

    Hello all, I currently have 5 x RTX 3090s. However, these GPUs are way longer than previous generations GPUs (330mm length). I am looking at mining frames like this one...
  6. Question My pc restarted with glitched sound

    So i was playing Valorant. After ive ended the match, i closed Valorant and opened Twitch and then after a second sound glitched and my screen blacked out, leds on keyboard was turning off and on for like 2 times, then my pc restarted. The problem was with another video card too, i changed my...
  7. Justingieae138

    Question Motherboard lights boot and vga

    Hey guys I recently changed cases and when I tried to turn it on to see if it was working I got 2 lights on my motherboard boot and vga and they will stay on for about a minute and then all lights will be off. I took apart my rtx 2060 as well and cleaned it up and put more thermal after getting...
  8. nazareneisrael

    [SOLVED] Longest Lasting Video Cards

    Hi. I am editing my post, to shorten it up a lot. My video card (MSI GTX1660) is failing after 18 months. Video card prices are outrageous right now, but I don't have a choice, as I need a card. Is there a "most reliable" brand of video card? I read that ASUS was considered one of the top...
  9. whyruabeach

    Question Graphics card keeps timing out, any solutions

    so I just built my first computer I had an older video card installed and just installed AMD Radeon Pro W5500 8 GB Video Card. Before it times out it makes like a soft noice like it's trying to work. I have literally used it once and the graphics card keeps...
  10. Drivel2787

    Question ASRock motherboard 880g pro3

    motherboard: ASRock 880G PRO3 AM3+ AMD 880G SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Thuban 3.3GHz, 3.7GHz Turbo Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Processor Memeory: G.SKILL 32GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model. Already...
  11. R

    Question Which Video Card the Best to Use?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure what to do here. My dad is having me build him a new computer soon. He told me he bought his current one 8 years ago refurbished. He doesn't really do a whole lot with his computer except some video editing using the Nero software. So nothing too heavy. The new...
  12. K

    Question First ever pc build, all fans spin but red light for cpu, vga, and boot, please help

    Components: AMD Ryzen 3 3100 MSI B450 Tomahawk ATX AM4 EVGA 1650 super Seasonic s12 500 W (power supply) I have followed a build guide completely, all parts and cables are connected, i plug the cable from the power supply into the outlet, i put hdmi from the monitor to either the card itself or...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Upgrading XPS 8500 graphics card

    I've got an older Dell XPS 8500 with the specs below and need to upgrade my graphics card because it's really putting a hamper on the games I play (Sims 4, Castlevania 2, Life is Strange 2, etc.). I meet all the other Recommended specs on the Can You Run It site except for the video card. On...
  14. Boisvert99

    Question Missing GPU bracket

    I have a GTX 770 but it's missing the gpu bracket. I don't want to install it in case I damage the pci-e slot from it sagging. Is there a way this can be fixed?
  15. Question Compatibility with the Asus gt 220

    Hi, a few days ago, I ordered all the components to make me a PC. But, since all the graphics cards are out of stock, i have no gpu to display anything on a screen. So, I don't know if my pc is working or not... But, one of my friend gave me an old video card : the asus gt 220... But I don't...
  16. Showiz

    Question Is my GPU slowly dying and going away?

    Hey, So basically i have an EVGA GTX 760 2GB SC video card that i've been using since 2013, And in the recent years i barely played any intensive games (Mostly LoL) and only safely overclocked it a few times about 2 months ago. A few days ago during a game in League of Legends the textures...
  17. ShadowKitty669

    Question 2 Monitors setup

    I'm thinking about getting 2 monitors for my computer. I so far have a TV screen as a monitor and it runs a HDMI 2.0b cord. The other monitor I'm planning to set up is a Gateway PC monitor which has a Duel-Link DVI cord. My video card is a Zotac 1060 AMP Edition. It has 3 1.4 Display Ports, 1...
  18. B

    Laptop motherboard

    I have a Asus K52f laptop and it does not have graphic card besides the integrated one. I was looking at asus k52jv and they sell it with nvidia gt540m. The look exactly the same. Is it possible to put it inside mine?
  19. BakedBeansHU

    [SOLVED] Is the rx 470 compatible with h61 h2 m2 v1.0?

    Need help does anyone know if an rx 470 is compatible with ecs h61 h2 m2 v1.0?
  20. S

    Question Why is my new ASUS RTX 3090 Strix OC hitting 91'C temperatures?

    I just installed my new ASUS RTX 3090 Strix OC and I am only playing on 1080p/144hz at the moment. I installed Call of Duty Cold War and I maxed out the settings at 1080p. As I am playing the campaign, the temperature of this GPU hits a red color from 86'C to 91'C (but 85'C is considered...
  21. I

    [SOLVED] Can u use GPU for ATX on micro-ATX?

    So i want to upgrade my GPU from zotac mini gtx 1060 3gb to Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB but RX 580 is for ATX and my motherboard is Asus Prime H310M-K (micro-atx). My question is can I upgrade my gpu? GPU -...
  22. [SOLVED] Unsupported video driver message in After Effects

    Hello everyone, I'm an artist looking for advice. I produce mainly 2D art and recently I installed the 2020 version of Adobe After Effects. Every time I open the program, it displays an error message: I installed the last version of the driver available for my card and it still shows the...
  23. Turtle Rig

    News Looks like nVidia is apologizing for their paper launch and shortages

    I forgot the link and actually it was a short article. Looks like nVidia is manning up and admitting they screwed up with the 3080 and 3090 not being in stock and basically copying Intel and doing a paper launch. They admitted they have shortages and apologized for it. Im sure Tom will have a...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Does Nvidia/AMD board partners literally make ALL there video cards from scratch?

    I'm not sure how it works. When companies like Nvidia and AMD release new video cards, and then their AIB like EVGA, GIGABYTE, ASUS and ETC. release there video cards... Do the AIB partners create each video card from scratch? For example, Nvidia and AMD send the AIB the digital blueprints for...
  25. S

    Question My PC stutters when I'm playing

    My display and audio stutters or should I say sudden lag for 1 or 2 secs when I'm playing. For example in Valorant, in the middle of the game, it stutters randomly. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 1080 Ti 16GB 3000mHz 1TB HDD 250GB SSD How do I fix this? I tried upgrading drivers and clean installing...
  26. Mahmoudsmonem

    [SOLVED] z800 video card upgrade

    hey guys, would be grateful if you could help me update my video card, I have an old hp z800 workstation Specs: Hp z800 Two processors xeon x5675 3.10ghz Two rams ddr3 2x16 Ssd samsung 256 gb Hdd 1tb Motherboard ddr5 Graphics card Nvidia quadro 4000 ddr5 What is the best graphics videocard...
  27. Clayton Moneymaker

    [SOLVED] Recommendations for a GPU

    Hi guys, I'm currently placing an order for parts to upgrade my aging system. (The case is the Storm Trooper Stryker white case) I intended to do this earlier this year but funds got tight. Right now I'm lagging bad when trying to edit 4k footage and am in real need of an upgrade. I've got most...
  28. wkkgeri

    [SOLVED] Will a rtx rog 3080 strix card fit with the NH-d15 noctua cooler with these specs?

    Hello, My setup is an i7 6700k CPU , motherboard asus z170 pro gaming , nhd15 cpu cooler , 32 gb ram corsair vengeance , nzxt phantom 410 case and the psu would be corsair hxi1000 . My question is will a rtx rog 3080 strix card fit with the NH-d15 noctua cooler with these specs , so could it...
  29. Castthrice

    [SOLVED] Motherboard problem?

    My computer recently stopped working, I initially thought it was a psu problem, because once in every 100 attempts the power would try to flick on, then die. However unplugged the gpu, and tried turning it on, it came on with a brief burning smell. I thought it might be gpu causing a short so...
  30. Heart_Collector

    [SOLVED] Can I swap Nvidia RTX 3070 in my Nvidia 1660 Ti spot?

    Hello everyone quick question, building a new computer next year but I really would like to jump on the new 3070 card when it drops, as I have trouble running some modern games in 1080p on high or ultra settings. I know this card will be held back by my current computer but im just wondering if...
  31. [SOLVED] What games does ryzen 5 2600 (w/o added gpu) might run?

    What games does ryzen 5 2600 (w/o added gpu) might run? I also have 8gb or ram.
  32. U

    Question Turn off hdmi port on discreet graphics card?

    hello I have a GeForce 770gtx with 2xdvi,display port and hdmi, the hdmi port was damaged when I tripped over the cord 😒, broke the little board in the centre. now I think the port is registering that a cable is still connected, when it's not. tried the dvi plugs with hdmi adapter to my hdmi...
  33. DarkDimensionZ

    Question PCIe x16 GPU not detected (no signal) but has signal on onboard

    soooo my pc is transported from a long way and when I on it the video card is not being detected but it has mouse and keyboard light so I think this will work on onboard.. yes it works but the gpu is still plugged in and the fans are not spinning i suggest its from the zero rpm from the radeon...
  34. Turtle Rig

    Discussion The Ampere 3080Ti is not worth it and is a rip off for some gamers

    So 21 days 21 years since my Riva TNT card coming from a Voodoo1 2D/3D Hercules card. The folks at nVidia have specifically said the performance advantage of the 3080Ti over the 2080Ti is 30 percent. Which means if your playing at 4K resolution and your getting a steady 60FPS with the 2080Ti...
  35. B

    Question Best Laptop For Graphics Work?

    Hey Guys! I would like to get your help and expertise on what is the best laptop for graphics work. PROBLEM: I'm thinking the issue may be graphics card related. As in, my graphics card is not equipped to handle the heavy workload of programs like Adobe CC 2020 and is getting overworked. Could...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] Which UPS

    I have recently built a new PC rig, and for some reason, shortly after playing FPS primarily games, the UPS I have everything plugged into continues to alarm and shuts down the application/game I'm running. Here are the specs of the PC and what is currently plugged into the UPC: I7-9700k CPU...
  37. W

    Question best budget video card for an min itx build?

    best budget video card for an min itx build?making an steam box well installing window 10 on an computer for steam an emulator also?
  38. KidTao

    [SOLVED] Dual Card GPU & PSU

    Hello, PC Gurus; I have an 850W PSU liquid cooled chassis, and I have been looking into a dual card GPU upgrade. Most video cards that I have looked at are listing 250w for their power consumption, and pretty much all of them ask for 650w system power supply. For my upgraded rig, with 350w...
  39. whitesphere

    [SOLVED] Graphics Card Upgrade Options (Compatibility)

    I have an HP Pavilion Computer and I'm planning to upgrade my gpu to play games that I can't play right now. This is my PC specs Cheers and thank you for reading!
  40. TaxCredit83

    [SOLVED] Cpu Bottleneck?

    I am upgrading my PC with 2 - EVGA 2080ti FTW3s with SLI. However, I'm concerned that the rest of my components will bottleneck the 2080tis. My current PC hardware can be found below. Any thoughts on what I need to upgrade to fully utilized the GPUs? ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero LGA 1151 (300...