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    Question Display driver not detected - Nvidia

    I have gtx660 on my windows 10 system, all of the sudden my display driver stopped working, in dxdiag, it shows “graphics device driver error code 43”. I have tried upgrading and downgrading the drivers but no use, it sometimes detect the driver but most of the time is doesn't. VRAM also showing...
  2. dankrovrids

    Question Stuck in bootloop after installing video drivers/windows update

    Current specs: Ryzen 5 3600 FE 3060ti Asrock b450m pro4 Evga 750w GQ gold 2x8GB Corsair vengeance lpx black 3600mhz Problem started when playing cyberpunk; it had been working fine for a few days until it crashed as soon as it opened last night. I restarted my pc and got into the game...
  3. Limyx826

    Question ASUS A43SA Video TDR Failure

    Currently I'm having booting issues, since 2-3 hour ago I cannot boot in normal Windows 10. Each time I try to boot in normal mode it will BSOD after restarting twice. I already reinstalled the video driver in safe mode but still no avail. The GPU in question is AMD Radeon HD 6730M. I think...
  4. robanswe

    Question Is an intel g440 worth it?

    So i've been thinking of making a pc worth a max of 250 dollars, and i just found an ad for an intel Pentium g440 for 25 dollars. Should i get it?
  5. M

    Question computer lags then returns

    I recently purchased a 10g ethernet adapter and installed in my PCI slot. Shortly after using NDI my computer crashed. It has not been the same since. It lags like this: sometimes the lag doesnt get blurry it just freezes but i...
  6. I

    Question (Resolved) No signal after installing Nvidia drivers

    I installed Nvidia drivers for my 1030, the monitor shows no signal it boots it posts, but no signal, works when I uninstall, the nvidia drivers and connect the dvi cable to the card, also works when I connect the vga cable, it only shows no signal when I install the graphic drivers software...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] burn memtest86-usb.img to CD

    In UEFI system, Windows 10 how do i burn Memtest86 latest version to bootable CD? when i open memtest86-usb.img i get message "The disk image file is corrupted". so I can't burn that to CD. I don't have USB now, please tell me if i can do this without imageUSB.exe and put it on CD? I have ASUS...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Is my i5 7500 causing low frame rates at 1440p ultrawide?

    System: i5 7500 MSI H270M Mortar Arctic Corsair LPX 3000mhz 2x8gb EVGA GTX 1070ti Black 860 EVO 500gb SSD CM MasterLiquid 240 AIO CX650M Samsung CF791 EDIT: I'm asking because I have read that at 1440p+, the GPU becomes the major player, but I've also read that the i5 7500 is less than stellar...
  9. E

    Question Zero RPM Mode in AMD Radeon Wattman , Is it Safe for the card at certain temperatures ?

    I had just purchased AMD RX 570 8GB , when installing the new driver and radeon software for it I saw that there is a Zero RPM option in Wattman , It looks cool to me as it seems to longer the fans life from the look of it , but I wonder if it is ok for the card to receive the heat level before...
  10. A

    Question WiFi damn slow on laptop

    I'm having a 10 Mbps wifi connection,and I'm pretty much getting 10 Mbps on my phone but in my laptop I'm just getting 1 Mbps , I tried updating my drivers but it's already updated, any solutions for that , thank you
  11. [SOLVED] Newish PC Build, Chrome 'Freezing'

    I built a new gaming PC a few months ago, • i5-8600K (Cosair Cooler) • ROG Strix Z390 MB (formerly Gigabyte Z370 SLI XP) • 16GB GSKILL V (2 x 8) • 500GB m.2 (Samsung Evo 960) • + 1 TB WD Black • MSI RX 580 8GB • eVGA SuperNOVA G3 650w Gold PSU The system itself, Its not...
  12. R

    No boot after case/ram/PSU change

    Here is what happened: -I changed the case, ram (to QVL ram), and PSU (to a higher grade PSU). -While everything was open I plug in keyboard and 1 monitor -First boot attempt yields BSOD - inaccessible boot device -Restart boots fine -Assuming everything is fine I button up the cables, close up...
  13. Dreamable

    [SOLVED] Need help making sure my motherboard temperatures are fine

    Sorry if this may be a dumb question or request but im generally confused on my motherboard temperature. ive been doing research about speccy and the faulty motherboard reader, because speccy says my motherboard is 113C, Bios says 25 C. i have some other programs downloaded as well for reading...
  14. O

    [SOLVED] $1100 gaming pc

    Hello everyone This is my first time trying to build my own gaming pc and I know close to nothing about parts. My budget is 1100 dollars for the pc. I want to play in 4K with games like GTA V, PUBG, COD, FIFA 19 etc at high FPS. I usually play 2 hrs a day on the weekdays 5-6 on weekdays and...
  15. M

    Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly can’t turn it back on

    Laptop shut down how I can get it on
  16. D

    Question evga clc 280 8700k thermal thorttle

    hey folks, im having an issue its very recent about a month after 6 months of use without any issues with thermal throttling, I have a 8700k a maximus x formula and evga clc 280 recently I been noticing that my overclock to 5 ghz is thermal throttling and its pretty bad even at 4 ghz its still...
  17. T

    Firefox download window really unresponsive

    Everytime the "do you want to save the file or open it" window pops up, after i clicked download on something. Firefox is really unresponsive, almost crashing if i click to fast. I have to wait 3 seconds after clicking just for it to react. Extremely annoying when dowloading. OS: Manjaro Linux
  18. S

    [SOLVED] speed stuck at 100 mb

    i have a fiber optic 1gb connection with full cat 6 ive swapped out with cat 5e changed all the cords no difference it says its a 1g ethernet and the router is at 1g but the computer wont accept more than 100mg every other device is at 1g
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Coil buzzing high temps

    I just update my driver the 1/15/19 one and 1week ago I was playing Fortnite and got around 40-45c now I’m getting 55-60c Fortnite also had a update. Also my screen is flickering I rolled back my driver but my screen still flickers also the old driver got high temps when I was on Fortnite...
  20. N

    Problems with PC booting up

    I5-4690k ASRock z97 Pro4 Raijintek Themis and other useless stuff After a what I would consider a solid OC (4.4ghz, cache 3.9ghz, in stresstest 70°C max, 1.2V core, 1.85V input - something to change?) my PC is trying to boot. Whole thing looks like this: 1. I turn power on 2. Everything spins...