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    Question Low end laptop for video editing?

    I would like to ask what is the lowest system requirement that is enough for video editing mainly in After Effects? I have a good desktop at home, however I spend a lot of time travelling on train, which time I could use to cut and edit videos. Rendering speed is not important as I can simply...
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    Question Recommendations for easy and intuitive video editting software

    I have some old family videos and other things on my Windows PC hard drive that are a) needing of trimming where there are long periods where nothing is happening; b) one or two has audio out of synch with video. I'd like to be able to resolve that as easily as possible; and c) some are...
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    PC not powering up

    Hey, i have a 2 month old pc. Last night it was on standby and didmt recover so i turned it off. Ever since then i hav been trying to turn it on but its not. The motherboard shows that its recieving power(button lights are on) but the pc itself isnt turning on. The motherboard is gigabyte z170x...