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  1. P

    Question Upgrade, BYO or Pre-built?

    In 2011 I built my wife a workstation for graphic design (logos, publications, etc.) with the following specs: ASUS P6 X85-E WS Xeon W3550 PNY Quadro 600 Kingston DDR3 x 24 She is now getting into video editing and will be running Adobe Premiere Pro. I already know the video card won't cut it...
  2. D

    Question PC Build for Video Editing and Gaming

    Hello everyone, I am looking for an upgrade from my old laptop to PC for mostly for video editing and gaming. My major work will be Edit and Process 4K/8K videos, RAW photos on Adobe application (premier rush and photoshop), office work (mostly on Visual Studio, MS teams and mails, SQL and...
  3. VirenK

    Question Lenovo E540 GPU Upgrade

    Current System specs: Lenovo Thinkpad E540 Intel Core i5-4200M @2.50GHz 2.49GHz (64-bit, x64 based processor) Windows 10 Pro RAM: 16GB GPU: Intel HD 4600 500GB SSD I have been looking to upgrade the GPU so that 4k video editing is easier, and the recommended GPU upgrade is the 'NVIDIA GeForce...
  4. KarlKarrlander

    Question My PC can't handle video editing, right?

    Hey, Quick question: Looking to film videos on educational topics (sitting at a desk talking into a camera) in either 4k or FHD quality, but I'm unsure that my PC build will handle the editing workload. The programs I might end up using is not determined yet, but I'm interested in...
  5. D

    Question Video Editing PC Build

    Hello! I am putting together a pc build for my brother to do video editing as a side income/business. I wanted to get opinions on if the build I have created will do the job of creating quality 1080p videos. Below is the build list I also have a question...
  6. J

    Question [Build Help] 4K Video Editing Mini-Machine

    Hi! I'm looking to build a new PC for video editing. Primary goal: Edit 4k videos with fast playback and render times. Secondary goals: Mini form-factor (smaller for easier portability) Light 60fps gaming Future proof (I'm not in a rush to build PC now, but hopefully by the end of 2020)...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Any Suggestions for my Build?

    This is my Ryzen 9 3900X build. Is there anything I should change in my parts list? I would prefer changes that don't involve raising the total price. I will be using this PC mainly for video and photo editing (with some casual gaming here and there). List:
  8. C

    Question Upgrading a prebuilt PC

    Two years ago I bought a prebuilt PC. However, this PC is unsuitable for what I need it for and I don't have the money to buy a whole new system as of right now. I am in a design course where decent rendering times and pc power is vital (photoshop, video-editing) as the current system struggles...
  9. S

    Question PC Build for low end video editing question.

    Hello All, I am planning to build a pc for low end video editing. my requirements are below, Raw video is taken using iphone se in 4k format. I need to cut, join these clips, speedup, slow down and add music tracks. I will be using windows movie maker, openshot, shotcut such free software...
  10. Mill3r

    [SOLVED] Whats the best PC for1080P Video Editing for £400?

    Hello, I'm currently wanting to build a new PC. I would be using it for Video editing (in Sony Vegas & Wondershare Filmora) & live streaming in OBS. My budget is £400 but I would be wiling to go to £450 if there is a significant performance increase. Thanks in advance :)
  11. V

    [SOLVED] RX580 8GB -vs- GTX1660 6GB? Please help me pick!

    PURPOSE: I'm building a video-editng computer to make 1080p to 4K videos for 10-15 minutes in length. No intention of gaming. My Options: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 256-bit: $240 USD Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 OC 6GB GDDR5 192-bit: $270 USD My Queries: Which one is better suited...
  12. V

    [SOLVED] Building new computer. Is this a overkill?

    I'm a first time builder, and I need this PC for video editing & 2-d animations. No gaming at all. This is what i have come with: I am a YouTuber and I make 10-15 min long videos. Softwares I Use: Adobe Premier Pro Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects...
  13. chrisfaux

    [SOLVED] Is the sapphire rx 590 too weak for my i9 9900k?

    Hi I'm building my first pc for video editing / photoshop. Is the sapphire rx 590 nitro+ too weak for the i9 9900k? I will not use this build for gaming except for maybe light 1080p gaming at max 60 fps. Is the rtx 2070 worth it at 300 euros more? Thanks.
  14. E

    [SOLVED] Video editing PC for up to 2 000 dollars

    Hello, I want to buy a new PC for video editing but i dont know whats best to buy. It can be prebuild or not it does’nt matter. Gaming: No, i dont play games. Video length: 2 to 15 minutes long. Resolution: 1080p FPS: 60 Software: Camtasia and After effects Budget is up to $2000
  15. L

    Question Problems with Video Editing Rig

    Hi Everyone, I am a freelance video editor and I recently built a new video editing rig. Everything about the build went great and without any problems. I installed Windows 10, all of the graphics card drivers, and all the software without any problems. However, after using the rig for about a...
  16. V

    Question What do you think of this $2000 Video Editing rig?

    Hi, Please suggest me if the video editing system that I have decided to build will be good enough for a 1080p proxy workflow (might even edit native 4k from time to time). My preferred NLE is Adobe Premiere Pro at the moment, but I do intend to make a jump to Avid Media Composer (great for...
  17. N

    MOTHERBOARDS that support pci express 3.0 will my motherboard support this video card