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    Question Graphics card artifacts when running at 4 kin less than 5 min

    MOBO asus z370-e Ram 48gb corsair vengeance Cpu 8086 i7 GPU 1 Asus gtx 1080 ti 11gb (problem card) Gpu 2 asus gtx 1060 6gb turbo PSU evga gold 850 So my graphics card has me at wits end. After a few minutes of trying to play a game in 4k itll either artifact and crash or crash to black followed...
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    Need Toshiba sat A100 driver back up!

    I can't find the right drivers for Toshiba satellite A100 MODEL UNIT PSAA9C-TA902C .Shows icons for both audio sound and wireless connection but none of them working .After i full format this laptop i realized i don't have any back up or recovery disks ,even from Toshiba link there is nothing...