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video issues

Forum discussion tagged with video issues.
  1. K

    Question New Ryzen 7 3800x and rx 5700xt

    So i bought a new ryzen 7 3800x and a gigb rx 5700xt. The gpu got to my house first so i put it into my rig (cpu was 2400g at the time) and reinstalled all my drives and it worked great. The next day i installed the ryzen 3800x and reinstalled all the drivers and there were sooooooo many...
  2. M

    Question Stuttering video playback and low FPS performance

    So i have a problem with my Toshiba windows laptop that i've been trying to figure it out for weeks now... My laptop has an intel hd graphics and a dedicated AMD graphics card which worked fine until a month ago when i noticed that every video i play is stuttering and it has frame drops...
  3. W

    Question New PC Build Not Displaying Video

    Just bought new PC parts for a gaming build. I put it all together, and I turned it on but I'm getting no display. There are no postcode beeps. I have lights on my MoBo, lights on my RAM, my water cooler fans are spinning, my case lights are on. My graphics card however does not have lights or...