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  1. I

    Question Slow web browsing but fast with everything else

    Hello! I bought a custom PC that was built by Microcenter but I've been having this issue prior to me buying this PC. Even with my old PC, there was an issue where I can game extremely well with low ping and latency but web browsing and watching videos and shows on youtube, netflix, etc would...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Massive lag/FPS drop during videos

    Whenever I watch a video on any platform, whether it be on chrome, edge or even a video player on windows, any other program that has any kind of video has a massive FPS drop and stutters super hard. Not sure if it’s a driver missing or an old bios that’s doing it, but I thought I’d post here in...
  3. ben_jamin

    [SOLVED] Video/Audio glitches after PC got too hot

    Hello, I've build my first PC in december (Mini ITX, Asrock, Z390 I7-8700, 16gig Ram, AMD RX 580). The Mini ITX case is stored in a media furniture and is used for both HTPC as light gaming PC. Normally when we game, we open the furniture door so the pc can "breathe". With AC Odessey set to...
  4. D

    Before I reset my computer, I have some questions

    1. Can viruses that infected my PC steal passwords and credit card numbers from a green locked site? 2. If I reset my PC full, will the virus still in my disk, haunting me? 3. All antivirus softwares except hijackthis are trash and very weak and only removes the files that makes the virus but...
  5. L

    Different brand dual channel?

    Hello I want to know if I put my G.Skill 4 Gb Ddr3 1333Mhz with the Ram I want to buy (Hyperx Fury 4 Gb Ddr3 1333Mhz), I'm gonna have any problem? Motherboard DH61WW i5 - 2310 PSU EVGA 600W Ram G.Skill 4Gb Ddr3 1333Mhz I have this one...