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    Question My PC crashes whenever I'm watching a video

    I just recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU and ever since, I have been having this strange issue where I am watching a video online (youtube, facebook, disney plus, etc.) and after a while it just freezes and I have to force shut down my PC. I've done all windows updates, GPU updates, I...
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    [SOLVED] Video playback doesn't work on iQIYI (

    A friend of mine has this problem. Whenever playing videos from this certain site on windows laptop it says playback error. The same on all browsers even the iqiyi player software. (same message but in chinese) YouTube and other websites with embedded videos work well. The website works well...
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    Question Video Playback Problems...GPU trouble?

    I have been experiencing occasional instances of my computer not playing/loading videos, whether it be streaming (youtube, vimeo), a file on my computer, or in Adobe's Premiere Pro. I can use the computer as normal, when streaming I can switch between videos and use the sites normally but the...
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    Windows 10 Setup searching for updates taking forever...

    Just checking if this is normal for inwdows to take this long to search for updates... almost been 12 hours... anyway around this? I dont have a cd drive so i cant use an iso.
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    Which One Should I choose

    Ok. I have come to my conclusions. I have two options. I have looked at the passmark scores. I would have thought that...
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    What is the difference between these two MSI GPUs?

    Hi, What is the MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GAMING X and the MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING? Thanks
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    Pc keeps shutting down randomly

    For some time my pc keeps shutting down randomly for some reason and i don't know why . My rig : i5-3570k 3.4GHz Gtx650 ti boost oc 2gb 8gb ram 500gb hdd psu 650w ( Element smart) I went to a pc store and asked them to check my pc , they said they didn't found nothing in the pc it ran...