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    Question Video Card loosing signal problem.

    Hello, I am experiencing problem where the monitor is turning off for a 2-3 seconds and than it is turning back on. This is happening every 10 to 15 minutes. I thnk that it might be loosing video signal. Is there any way to debug this behavior ? Video is: MSI gtx 1070 and the monitor is...
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    [SOLVED] Monitor turns off after booting randomly

    So I have a problem where every other time I turn on my computer, it boots past "Arsenal gaming" title, and then the video signal to the monitor cuts off. This is fixed by turning off and on again, where it loads fine into the windows. Tried replugging monitor cables, fans are working, EZ Debug...
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    Mouse Click Not Working Properly

    I understand that my problem can be solved easily by buying another mouse, but let's assume I don't have the money for that right now. My HP Omen "gaming" Mouse is being wonky. When I'm playing an FPS like Destiny 2 or something of the like, when I click my right mouse button to aim down the...
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    Help with Graphics Card

    So I had just recently swapped my 1050 with a 1050ti and everything runs completely fine but one thing kind of bugs me. Went to look at dxdiag and it says my video card only has 540mb of available VRAM but the video card is supposed to have 4GB of VRAM. Games like Skyrim run fine actually...