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  1. L

    Question Screen recording issue

    Hi all. When I screen record videos on my laptop(I have Windows 10), my laptop is not recording the sound of the video, it's recording all the outside noises ie me moving around, me clicking the mouse etc, in other words, all I can hear on the playback is what has been picked up the laptop's...
  2. B

    Question Audio issues please help. At my wits end.

    I don't know if this should be under "Motherboards" or "Windows 10" so I just picked one. Before I explain, I want to say that I've already tried going to my motherboard manufacturer's website and downloading their audio driver, I've tried using the audio driver that comes with Windows 10...
  3. sevketm

    Question What's the problem with the videos?

    Hi! There is a slowdown in videos and a problem with the frames. Not a tear or cut. I can say a strange slowdown. No problem in games I've tried it with a different monitor, the result is the same. I recorded the problem with my cell phone. Please watch: View:
  4. DevuSin

    [SOLVED] Which is the best liteweight Video Editing Software?

    My requirements- Easy to use, Liteweight I need to cut parts of a video, join them and export No encoding/decoding so video process should be fast Final size of the video should be similarly trimmed down. So if I cut half of a 1gb video, final video should be ~500mb not 1.5gb as usually its is...
  5. D

    Question How do I play videos on my TV from my Flash Drive

    I am recording some home videos from VHS tapes to a digital copy for a friend. She wants to be able to play them on the tv with flash drive. I am having trouble figuring out why I cannot play these videos on the TV from the Flash Drive and needs some help. I can play the video on the computer...
  6. SimonSeesX

    Question Why do I have a folder full of photos and videos - each file's size is more than 58. GBS and size on disk 4KB and the files don't open? anyone?

    These photos and videos: were exported from my mobile to my PC. are not opening with the following error: "it looks like we don't support this file format"
  7. R

    Question Which app/program should I use to make long, high quality and high fps gifs (with sound) from videos ?

    Pretty much the title. Just looking for a program to make gifs.