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    Question Monitor no signal

    Help i just build a pc together for the first time and connected everything my monitor saying “no display detected” the pc is running i think okay, my monitor is a viewsonic vx2458-c-mhd 24 full hd led backlit display 144hz, i have the cables hdmi plugged from the monitor to the computer and...
  2. O

    Question Blue pixel on a new monitor?

    Hello guys, I've bought a new ViewSonic XG2401 and it seems to work fine except one problem, blue pixel appear after using the monitor for some time, at start I didn't notice anything and then it appears, I thought it is a stuck one, I turned the monitor off and after 3 hours turned it on and it...
  3. F

    Question Viewsonic Monitor Has White Screen When I Turn It on.

    It is not a problem with my pc. I have tried with multiple pc and cables. If i plug in the power cord and nothing else it turns white instead of the no signal icon. Sometimes when its connected to the pc it will work for a few seconds and then turn white.
  4. L

    Question Viewsonics: VX2435wm or VX2370Smh-led

    I've been using the Viewsonic VX2435wm for a decade or so now. It's a VA panel and 16x10, which is nice. I've never been quite sure about color accuracy on it, but the backlighting is uniform with no clouding. That said, I've been given a VX2370Smh which is a more recent model IPS panel, LED...
  5. B

    Question keep getting display error

    I keep getting this error: "the system has detected a link failure and cannot set the requested resolution and refresh rate..." I cannot figure out why. I have a display port to display port cable running from my rx580 to a viewsonic VX2457-MHD. I have just purchased a new cable and that did not...
  6. dmmass

    Question Cant decide between displays.

    So i cant decide between two 2560x1440 displays, the two in question are linked here & . So the one is tn (the iiyama) 75Hz refresh with freesync and 27'' the size preferable to...
  7. rofets

    Question 144hz monitor

    Hello everybody, would like to buy a 144hz monitor (Viewsonic XG2402 or Benq Zowie XL2411P) my computer... GTX 1050 2gb AMD A10 8 GB di RAM 1tb hard drive will this system support a 144hz display? thank you
  8. J

    Question Is it worth money for viewsonic xg2402

    Hi, i dont know which one to pick . What i know xg2402 have more speed than xg2401. How much different ? Can human eye see the differen ? Price VS xg2401 a bit cheaper $35 . Is it worth $35 for xg2402 ? Sry bad englis :) tq
  9. P


    Hey guys, I noticed my motherboard got an issue on its bend pins and causes the PC to hang or freeze. I'm wondering will it solve the problem if I rebend the pins? what other related or new issue will it surface in the future?
  10. B

    Question Why do I have horizontal green lines on my monitor?

    When I plug my DisplayPort cable into my computer and boot it up, there are horizontal green lines all over my screen, how can I fix this issue?
  11. F

    Question overclocking ryzen 3 2200g

    what are safe overclocks for this CPU and should I oc the CPU or just the GPU I got a b450m pro-m2 MSI mobo I got the APU running at 1300mhz GPU and my ram is at 2667 I bosted it up to 2993. first time Overclocking.
  12. Dryestomnivore1

    Question Whea_Uncorrectable_Error HELP!

    So I recently got new components new from Amazon and Best Buy AsRock Z390 Phantom Motherboard i5 9600k NZXT Kraken Watercooler 16gb DDR4 G.Skill 3000 512gb Silicon Power NVMe M.2 960gb SSD (Used in previous System no issues) RTX 2070 MSI GPU (Used in previous system no issues) 600w FSP Dragger...
  13. LB3

    [SOLVED] Blank Screen after installing 200GE Vega 3 graphics Drivers

    Hello all, The PC/Windows is stable and works normally. Then, when I install the 200GE Vega 3 graphics drivers and reboot, the PC displays the motherboard splash logo then the screen goes blank/black. I can hear Windows "working" through the speakers i.e. USB/removable media chime when you...
  14. L

    what is HT frequency???

    I'm using amd athlon II X4 640 CPU and ECS MCP61M-M3 motherboard. I was meant to turn on ACC and overclock my cpu but there wasn't menu for those. and I found HT Frequency menu, and it was set Manual and HT Frequency Value was 200 MHz. I raised it to 400 MHz, and I can see no different. So...
  15. B

    RX580: Red Devil VS Gigabyte VS XFS VS Msi

    Hi guys so I'm trying to build a PC but I'm having a hard time finding the right graphics card. Don't get me wrong i have made up my mind on an RX 580. it's just that there are so many different variations out there. I don't really care about it being loud i just want the graphics card that...
  16. G

    Help choosing motherboard for the 2700X

    I've been trying to decide for the last couple of hours whether I should buy a b450 or x470 chipset motherboard for the 2700x CPU, searching on the internet for reviews and opinions. However, i have seen good arguments for buying either type of chipset. On paper, the difference between the...
  17. N

    Gaming pc build

    Please suggest whole pc gaming build under 50k indian ruppres. Peripherals should be high end. Whether I need to go with AMD or nvidia
  18. D

    1080 TI mystic FPS drops without bottleknecking or throttling

    Specs: Aorus GTX 1080 TI Intel core I5 4670k (OC 4.2) MB: Asrock z87 pro3 RAM: 2x4 Corsair XMS 3 DDR3 1600 mhz HDD+SSD PSU: HIPER v650 (80 plus cert) 2 monitors: Acer 2K 144 HZ + full hd LG Hello. I upgraded my gtx 770 to Aorus gtx 1080 ti extreme. Till the beginning I observed huge FPS drops...
  19. K

    Cloning ssd to hdd and back to ssd

    Hey. I got a Sager P670Rs-G Laptop (Clevo based). It has 2xM.2 slots + 1 HDD port. Currently, I have 1 hdd and 1 m.2 ssd installed. I want to upgrade the ssd to a Samsung Evo 970 nvme. The computer supports either 2xM.2 sdd's or 1xM.2 nvne x4. If I plug the 970 Evo (nvme) - the second slot...
  20. D

    PC freezing while streaming Fortnite, due to Power Limit?

    Hello! So, recently I've tried upping my power limit on my MSi RX 480 8GB to 50%, as I've see it helps reduce fps stuttering in games. It definitely does help a lot, I've noticed. The problem is, after a while of playing, my PC just freezes completely. I have to manually shut down, boot up...