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    Question Asus Maximus VIII Gene nvme runs only at 3.0x1 in m.2 slot

    I am trying to understand why I cannot get my Samsung 970 EVO Plus to run at 3.0x4 in the m.2 slot. I have tried different bios settings that I thought would help but I could only get this to run at 3.0x1 in the m.2 slot. I purchased an adapter card for the pcie slot and the 970 will run at...
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    Used Gaming PC Question

    Just found a used gaming rig on a craigslist-type app. The guy's selling it for $500, but it's a tad outdated. It's running a GTX 770 SC and an i7 4770k, 16gb ram (That would cost a fortune now!), and a 2tb hdd. Is $500 reasonable or would I easily be able to get this lower. Already checked...
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    Can DIMM size be misrepresented to the OS?

    I just purchased 2x4GB DDR2 to upgrade an old system of mine from 2x2GB. As soon as I installed the new RAM I experienced BSODs. On further investigation I found that one of the sticks resulted in many memtest errors (>3000). Additionally, both POST and memtest detect 2GB of RAM. The stick was...
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    Problems running games with strix GTX1060 O6G

    I just bought new gtx 1060 as an upgrade to my pc because my old gtx 750ti was starting to get some problems with running games. After some testing with the new card i realised that it performs almost as bad as my old 750ti. This felt really wierd so I started to look how the card performs with...
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    My screen is flashing

    Hello! I have a problem with my monitor constant flashing. It started yestarday, then stopped and now it flashes even harder and its constant. Also, my comp seems to produce more noise then usual. Help!
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    HELP! My computer is stuck at boot screen

    I tried to install windows 10 from windows 8.1 (my pc meets all the requirements) and now the computer wont boot up it just stays at the acer logo, i can access menus with f2 and alt + f10 but none help, i tried to reinstall windows 8.1 but im pretty sure its not working can somebody help...