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    Question How to route "Microphone" audio playback without listening to it ?

    Hi everyone I installed VB-Audio Virtual Cable to have a virtual output (Mic) that listens to my Windows applications + My Microphone voice with it Problem is, when I want to route my microphone into that virtual device, it doesn't route without checking "Listen to this device" and when I...
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    Stop back up data

    There are some personal data in my compute. It is always connected to a NAS storage system. How can i stop data backup to NAS system .
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    best mic for youtube

    i'm searching for a good mic for my youtube channel i dont have a hard limit, but i dont have more than $60 at this moment. looking mostly for best "performance" for my money. currently watching samson Go, blue snowball, Floureon BM-800 and Samson Meteor