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  1. Y

    Old laptop CPU upgrade

    Hello, i have an old Sony Vaio VGN-A297xp PCG-8R1M. I would like to know what it is the max. CPU i can install? Now it is running on 1.8ghz. According to i think 2.1ghz.
  2. V

    Internet sharing in Domain Login

    I am in a domain user but i have administrator privileges. I am access internet by LAN. (RJ45 cable) Now i want to try to share my LAN and access internet by my android phone through WIFI. For your information I have installed connectify software also and in my PC i have a USB wifi...
  3. K

    Computer turns on without display

    My computer turned on and then off. After some tries it turned on again, bur there was no monitor display. I tested the graphic card, ram, power source, even bought a new motherboard but the problem is still the same. I tried tp press the on button for a minute but i didnt work too. Specs: i5...
  4. S

    Does the gb-b85m-d2v support tubo boost 2.0

    I'm making a new gaming pc build with the intel i7 4790. I want to ask if the motherboard I've chosen supports the turbo boost 2.0 technology. The motherboard in question is the gigabyte gb-b85m-d2v . The official GB page doesn't specify this. If it doesn't support turbo boost what other...
  5. H

    Duel Monitor gaming/movies

    So I am trying to set up my duel monitors, I've already got them working for multi-tasking, so for instance playing a game on one monitor, while browsing twitch or whatever on the other, but what I'm wanting to do is play games/films on both monitors. I know it can be done. I am currently using...
  6. K

    How come out from DOS when laptop directly booting into DOS

    I bought new laptop Lenovo. When power is switched on the system directly booting to DOS. How to get back to original screen
  7. H

    Upgrading the laptop for CS:GO (Need Mobility)

    Hey Guys! I am normally using my desktop for playing, however at the moment I'm on the holiday. I am currently using HP Pavillion TouchSmart 15, with AMD A4 and 8 GB RAM. I have found an offer on local gumtree to get a brand new Lenovo T410. (Intel Core i7 with Turbo boost 3.33 GHZ, 4 GB RAM...
  8. nightsurfer_

    My Mobo died...

    Hello, I had a homebuilt PC with a Asus M2N SLI Deluxe motherboard with a AMD phenom 9550 CPU and 4GB of Corsair XMS2 DDR2 in it. Well the caps in it blew and now I want to buy an inexpensive AM2+ board to reuse the CPU and Ram that I have left over. Do you have any suggestions for another...
  9. N

    My final PC build [ Need feedbacks ]

    CPU: i5-6600k GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 970 Jetstream Mobo:MSI Z97 Gaming 5 RAM: HyperX Red PSU: Corsair CX750M [ If you have other recommendations, go ahead ] Case: NZXT S340 Razer Ed.
  10. Husseo19

    asus ac68 antennas?

    hey guys! My friend just bought me Asus PCI AC68 network card, i have no experience with Asus at all. So i changed my current network card (Alfa AWUS036NHA), my internet connection started dropping specially when playing csgo, other than that the card is very good, i get up to 2 mb speed while...
  11. J

    No display after bios

    Hey guys, So I bought a GTX 970 to upgrade my desktop. I also upgraded the power supply to 600 watts. After hooking this all up my computer won't recognise the card. So after reading a few articles I see that you can "force" the card to be recognised by turning off my interior graphics card...
  12. B

    ASUS VS247HR and Pulse Width Modulation

    I plan to buy ASUS VS247HR. I wonder if it uses Pulse Width Modulation or not. TIA.
  13. dhyrup

    Looking for build advice on high-end PC

    Hey folks, Looking for opinions on my new PC build. I’m planning to build a system that will be amazing now and last me several years. My last rig was built 5-6 years ago and is still running strong, though it has gone through a few upgrades (video cards, HDD, peripherals, monitor, etc.) It was...
  14. Talifan133

    Is my build good enough? I have a keyboard and monitor. I already have the GPU. I have a Budget of around1300 bucks, but its flexible. I just want to know if this will last me a good while. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. V

    i7 5820k does not support overclocking?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to overclock my i7 5820k cpu but my motherboard x99A msi krait keeps on telling me that my cpu does not support overclocking and it wont let me change the cpu ratio it just sits to auto. I don't know if its the cpu or the mobo that has a problem please help. Thank you.
  16. Z

    Now TV box

    Would I be able to use the av out on the now TV box as a headphone jack??
  17. Z

    Greetings from Zyn :)

    Hello everybody! am Zyn! I’m glad to found this forum! It looks like a great groups of people on here! Hope to learn more from you guys! Good day! ;) Cheers, Zyn.
  18. M

    ups help !!!!

    hello , i m currently using APC RS 600 360 Watts /600 VA,Input 230V /Output 230V . after 5 to 10min of usage the ups starts off with the beeping sound , even if i m only using anything on it , it still goes off. i have no idea what to do , its about 2 years old . pc specs :- i5 4690k...
  19. C

    First Computer build. (Under $500)

    I was needing a new computer for autocad work and light gaming. I assembled whatever free parts I could get and bought what I need to finish the build. I was just wanting to know if this build would be a decent entry level build. Cpu: Amd FX-8350 black edition Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P...
  20. Ferrariassassin

    Ok, so is the site real or is it bull crap?

    I saw Mortal Kombat X on here for very cheap but there is no way its $15 for the Premium Edition i mean it must be fake can someone tell me if its true? The link is below.