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    CPU overclocking help

    So i am kinda new to overclocking but ive never had this problem with other amd chips i cant get to 4ghz on my ryzen 5 1600 i uped the voltage to 1.38 but it wont go that up with the overclock the clock speed goes down to 1666 mhz without load and with load and the voltage goes to 1.16 i am...
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    Cpu overheating after installing new GPU

    Hello, right after installing my new GPU (1080, had 980 before) I got the error message ''CPU over temperature Error''. And the CPU temp in BIOS says 88C. I had no issues at all with CPU temps until I got my new GPU. The CPU cooler im using is a nzxt kraken x62, which I got less than a year...
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    Looking for resolve

    My tp router tl-mr6400 no Internet connection after factory resetting
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    I have an ASUS LGA1156 motherboard, would I need to upgrade this?

    I'm a gamer, so I'm just upgrading my PC now for the first time in years. I have this blue/silver LGA1156 motherboard, It's ASUS and I have no idea how to determine what other info is on this. I am aiming for a GTX 1060 graphics card, and a CPU that's probably the i5-7500 or 7600. Does anyone...
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    Ryzen 5 1600 at 3.8Ghz

    Hello community, im here for some suggestion or advices regarding my cpu and the overclock that i have done. My PC specs are: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Mobo: Asus Strix Rog B350-F Gaming DDR4: Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4gb 2400mhz 15-15-15-35 PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600watt Plus 80+ Case: Therlmatake...
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    Is my PC able to game at 2560 x 1080

    So my pc specs are Motherboard : Gigabyte z170mx-gaming 5 Cpu: i5-6600 (non k) with enermax cpu cooler Ram :Viper patriot 2x4gb ddr4 2133mhz Graphics card : Radeon Xfx 480 8gb Psu : Thermaltake smart 650w case: azza csaz - 240 >This is the monitor I plan to get (if you have any other...
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    EKWB CPU Monoblock help

    I just finished up my watercooling loop and filled it with EKWB CryoFuel Red solution. I am currently bleeding the system and I'm worried as the bubbles in the images look more like condensation then trapped air bubbles. Before this I opened up the monoblock and cleaned the inside as I...
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    Asus Blu Ray drive problem

    I have an Asus BW-16D1HT drive in my computer. I am using it to convert DVD's using Handbrake - so I can put old TV shows on my mother's iPad. The issue I'm having is that I have to insert and remove the DVD multiple times before it is recognized. These are purchased DVD's - the 20 season pack...
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    Liquid cooling pump working? maybe its just the LEDs?

    This is my build : CPU : AMD Ryzen 1700X MOTHERBOARD : Asus prime x370 pro GPU : MSI RX 480 8GB ( Yet to be installed on my build ) PSU : EVGA supernova 850 P2 fully modular SSD : Mydigital SSD BPX 80mm NVME Pcie HDD : WD blue 1TB internal hard drive 7200RPM Memory : Corsair vengeance 8gbx2 DDR4...
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    Gtx 1070 or RX480 CF on freesync monitor.

    Hi, I have freesync monitor since last year with my r9 380. Right now I planning to re-build my new machine with i7 7700k or i5 7600k (still deciding). I have fx 6300 with r9 380 on my last machine, and I sold it a few days ago. Right now I want to go with Nvidia, I just want to feel something...
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    Gtx1080 with asus p55

    Can asus p55 support gtx1080 I need answer quickly plzzzz
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    Pc Gaming On Tv Controller Suggestions

    Hi All, I just bought myself a new tv which i would like to try out as a pc monitor, Keeping the pc next to the tv isn't going to be a long term option so i have a long hdmi cable running from my pc in the basement to my tv in the living room above. The only problem obviously is what to us as...
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    Change Networked HDD to Local HDD

    I received two Hard disk drives that are formatted or mapped as network drives. I want to use them as drive D: and drive E: in a PC or as two external hard drives. In a PC when I want to format them, I am told "you cannot format a network drive". If I install them in an external enclosure, I...
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    The Best IFTTT Applets

    IFTTT applets are simple "if this, then that" statements that help you link devices and automate your life. Here are some of our favorites. The Best IFTTT Applets : Read more
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    Is my Computer better than a PS4?

    My friend (called Dan) has a PS4 and he says it's better than my computer and he keeps bragging about it. Is it really better than my computer or is my computer better than his PS4? My computer specs: CPU: Intel I7-6700K 4.01 GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 16 GB RAM 8GB Dedicated Video RAM Thanks!
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    Which is best gtx 1050 oc or 1050 ti ? Or both same?

    Im planning to buy gtx 1050 ot 1050 ti . I want to know how much fps will gtx 1050 overclocked (2gb) and gtx 1050 ti non oc (4gb) give on gta 5 , watch dogs 2, mafia 3, etc. My pc has pentium g2020 and 10gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram. Will 1050 oc give performance similar to 1050 ti ? Or less...
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    Slow internet on my new build.

    Just put together a new build and my internet seems to be running really slowly. I have it hard lined in and I'm having trouble even playing something like bloons 5 right now. Wondering what I might check or if there is any software or anything that I might check my network speed etc. with...
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    Low frequencies are too high

    Hi everyone. I have an Aiwa 8300 amplyfier, and 2 jensen speacker (i don't know their name because i inherited them from my father, but they are almost 20 years old). I have been using them for almost 3 years and i've never had any problem untill yesterday. i decided to clean all my gaming...
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    $1500 New 3D + Rendering Workstation Build

    I'm limping along on my current system, and hoping to get some quick feedback on a new build. My budget is limited at the moment, so I'm open to building something modular that I can expand on in the coming months. Below is my attempt at hitting my $1500 budget on a 2011-3 platform with the...
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    Gtx 1060 6gb and i3-4170

    Hey dudes, I have a question that keep scratching my back...I play all of my games at 1080p and im getting really good performance from my i3 paired with my gpu, my cpu isnt even getting maxed out while game it is usually around 60%-75%, Should i worry about upgrading my cpu to a i5-4440 or...