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  1. rizzeh

    Question SOLVED: Bitcoin Mining Virus (Masked as NVIDIA Corporation)

    Hey everyone, just an update. The lovely people from Bleeping Computer has helped me remove the virus completely and my Task Manager functionality restored. I'm not sure if you can share links to different forums here, but if anyone wants to read up on how how we were able to fix it. Or if you...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Computer is super slow after suspected virus - Malwarebytes found 8 cases

    My computer has been really really slow and at times I cannot control it at all, cannot CTRL + ALT + DEL, move mouse (it actually disappears), or type. At times I get the error - the sign in process couldn't display security and sign in options. I got McAfee and ran scans, it found no viruses...
  3. M

    Question How to Delete Locks virus And Fix Files

    How to Delete Locks virus And Fix Files in Windows 7
  4. Y

    I7 8700k cores temps

    Helle guys, i have a bit strange situation, a friend of my bough 2 delided i7 8700k with copper custom IHS, he tested them both, one us a lottery winner reaching 5.3ghz and the second one not that much however runs a bit cooler, we are talking 25c idle and 68 max temp, so when received it i...
  5. S

    i5 2500k still viable?

    My video card finally crapped out so I needed to replace it, and one thing led to another and i decided i'd finally upgrade my old rig. This had happened before and I went from an old 8800gts to the 9800gt and it was a good upgrade. At that time I only also upgraded my cpu/mb/ram. Was running an...