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    Question How to Delete Locks virus And Fix Files

    How to Delete Locks virus And Fix Files in Windows 7
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    I7 8700k cores temps

    Helle guys, i have a bit strange situation, a friend of my bough 2 delided i7 8700k with copper custom IHS, he tested them both, one us a lottery winner reaching 5.3ghz and the second one not that much however runs a bit cooler, we are talking 25c idle and 68 max temp, so when received it i...
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    i5 2500k still viable?

    My video card finally crapped out so I needed to replace it, and one thing led to another and i decided i'd finally upgrade my old rig. This had happened before and I went from an old 8800gts to the 9800gt and it was a good upgrade. At that time I only also upgraded my cpu/mb/ram. Was running an...