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  1. E

    Question Gigabyte RTX 3070 Vision OC acting strange - help needed

    Hello everyone, I have a weird issue - I just upgraded from GTX 1070 to Gigabyte RTX 3070 Vision OC and the games seem to run flawless on Ultra when you launch them, but then after a few minutes frames tank, GPU usage jumps from 25% to 100% and suddenly it goes from 200 to 14 frames, it stays...
  2. Jake Hall

    Purchase 980ti or wait for P

    Should I buy the 980ti or wait for the Pascal?
  3. N

    Laptop did not start

    Hi, I have a Gigabyte P35 laptop. I reseted it as it hing for sometime. After resetting it just stopped working. The power and wifi lights are always on and the laptop didn't start even after trying 20 seconds of holding the power button. If someone help me to bring back my laptop to life...
  4. A

    USB not working

    Help! I have lost all my photos which I stored onto usb sticks and none of them can be accessed. I have tried on 2 different computers and lap top so it must be the usb sticks. Can I recover them in any way?
  5. T

    Review my build before I place the orders?

    New to PC gaming/ building. This build was suggested to me. Would you change anything? Price before mail in rebates must be less than $700
  6. W

    Linksys E2500 Webui troubles

    Hey everyone! I asked a question yesterday about optimizing my network setup to account for periodic tripling in traffic and the subsequent slow downs and disconnection issues - and received some good advice I am working on implementing. Today I am asking for help regarding another issue I've...
  7. G

    Building a new desktop gaming pc

    Hi all, TL;DR Version I'd like to build something around my (already owned) Geforce 650 ti 2gb and a (yet to be bought) Intel i5 3570 or 4670 (to K or not to K, that is the question) with 6-8 GB of RAM. Will that run Skyrim pretty and run the Witcher 3 in the future? If so, what mother board...