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    [SOLVED] Terrible results on RTX 2080(mobile non max-q) (performance and visual)

    Hi all, Since a few days im having a lot of trouble with my gpu performance wise and visual. I am using a MSI laptop GE63 Raider RGB 8SG With I7 8750h 16gigs and 2x 500gb SSD. I used to do undervolting for cpu but for the last few months i changed it back to standard values and applied new...
  2. K

    Question ASUS GTX 960 DC2OC Black Edition - Weird HDMI Problem

    I have 3 monitors. 1 of them is old and only have vga. When I plug it with "vga to hdmi" converter, it gives me visual with no problem. But when I directly plug my other 2 monitors with hdmi cable, there is no visual on my screen. I changed cables etc and I know the cables work fine. All...
  3. A

    System won't boot for unknown reason. Help!

    My desktop shutdown last Saturday morning unexpectedly and I am unable to get it to work at all. It was working fine for most of the morning then suddenly and unexpectedly shut off. The motherboard lights up [the RGBs] but no fans start up and nothing else happens. Here are the specs and what...
  4. Z

    Faint Clicking noise from PSU

    Hey guys, so i recently noticed a very faint clicking noise coming from what i believe to be my PSU. When i boot up my PC i hear no such noise, and it only starts when i run a game for more than 20 minutes. Then the sound is continuous. I've looked online and every mention of clicking noises...
  5. D

    Windows 10 Pro slow boot with peripherals attached

    I’m running a Dell M7710 with Windows 10 Pro. I have an external monitor (D2713H), a Wacom Cintiq, and several external drives connected. In the last several weeks, I’ve had a booting problem: If I disconnect all peripherals, the computer will boot in a reasonable time. However, if I do not...
  6. E

    Reccomendations for MOBO

    Someone please give me some MOBO reccomendations, it has to be compatible with DDR4 ram and an intel i5 6500. Price range $40-50
  7. U

    I have a few questions about my computer cooling and fans and would be very happy if someone could help me!PLZ

    I have a few questions: (keep in mind I'm a pretty big noob when it comes computers and I don't know a lot) Recently I installed a 850 watt power supply to my gaming PC because I got a new graphics card and now my pc gets super hot sometimes when I play games like Battlefield 4.(THE PHOTO...
  8. shadow32

    BSOD (around 10x now)

    I tried un-installing, re-installing, cleaning installing drivers for GPU. No clue why this keeps happening.