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  1. C

    Question Help on OG HTC Vive headset keep going on searching and grey view when putting it on.

    I really need help on this, I did almost everything that was advised on the troubleshooting pages, like changing usb port to use, cover reflective area, unplug wifi, restarting/reset power and disable camera. I tried looking for answer but most end up being an abandoned thread. More info, base...
  2. aryan826

    Question HTC Vive new HDMI cable but black screen?

    so my 3 in 1 cable HDMI pooped out so i got a replacement HDMI cable but now the screen is black, I have looked into it quite a bit, and read something about forcing 'direct mode' the instructions on how to do so, in typically steam fashion, no longer works as the setting have been moved or...
  3. T

    Question VIVE Cosmos, Basestations

    Hi! I have a regular non-elite HTV VIVE Cosmos and i was wondering, if i buy 2x basestations will it be compatible with my headset and controllers?
  4. R

    Question Can an oculus rift or HTC Vive work on my rtx ROG strix gpu?

    The real question is with the ports on the 2060 will I be able to plug in a oculus or vive even if I don’t have a usb c plug on my gpu. Or is there a converter plug I should use? I’m new into Vr idk what needs to be plugged in where. Help plz 👍🏻
  5. Yecob

    [SOLVED] Will this rig be able to run high quality graphics VR?

    Hi guys, first up I'm sorry for what I assume is a very commonly asked question. I wouldn't worry but the problem with my rig is that it's being bottlenecked somewhat by the CPU and the motherboard (two oldest parts that I plan to update soon). Here are my specs and SteamVR Performance Test...
  6. J

    What's iomega gdhdu2 hard drive rub raiding

    I got this hard drive and Xbox one s won't load it as it says needs minimum usb 3.0 nothing lower. So what is a iomega gdhdu2 raiting please many thanks Jamie
  7. H

    how to install geforce GT 730 to Dell optiplex 780

    I have this GEforce GT 730 64bit Palit card, and it has a shorter pin for my motherboard.. can I still stall this one? really confused..
  8. A

    3-4 clicks when plugging my hdd

    my wd5000bmvv hdd rev p1 clicks 3-4 times and then stops spinning or clicking....i can see white led light up but its not being recognized in my pc...cleaned the board but still not working....unsure if it is the pcb or header problem...i can swap the pcb with bios chip but just cant figure...
  9. Y

    fans always at max rpm though afterburner is at 0 rpm?

    So I got the silent msi gaming x trio recently and I have been having issues. Essentially the fans run silent in startup but a minute after loading a game they go to 100% and even after turning the game off it still persists. The Temps never even get past 30 so I don't get why it is doing this...
  10. J

    can i hide my peer id

    when others seed a torrent i'm downloading i can see their ip address and country location (flag id). is there any way i can hide my id when i seed for others (without using vpn)?
  11. T

    Grand theft auto 5

    Is gta v okay with intel core i7 nvidia geforce 840m 4gb ram?
  12. D

    Gtx 580 psu

    Hello! Looking to pair my gtx 580 zotac amp gpu with a new psu. Not concerned bout rating, just as cheap as possible ideally. Wondering if this would be sufficient. ATX-BT650W From what Im seeing it would have the 2x 8pin pcie and exceed the 600w recommended for the 580. Pairing this with...
  13. P

    This app has been blocked for your protection.

    While trying to troubleshoot why windows update stopped working now I get this with almost everything I choose. Servers, certs, computer management, MMC. This happens when I run as admin as well. I've been a software developer for over 20+ years and never have I seen such garbage as the...
  14. JDG14

    Best budget power supply for Ryzen 5 1600

    Hi All, I'm looking for a power supply that will satisfy all my needs. Here is my current rig and will be upgrading to Ryzen soon: Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA970A-DS3 rev 3.0 Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 RAM: Avexir Red LED DDR3 1600 2X4GB RAM GPU: Zotac GTX 780 Reference Cooler PSU...
  15. O

    Computer crash when playing games

    Hi I'm typing this for a friend, he was playing rainbow six siege with me and his computer crashed for some reason and it won't turn on again. He said that this had happened before and he just waited until the computer started itself. The monitor has power so can it be the power supply that is...
  16. H

    Friend's pc is worse but runs games better

    So my friend has a worse CPU and GPU than me which are Amd a10-7870k and a 1050ti. My CPU and GPU are an i5-2400 and a 480rx 4gb. His pc runs games better though. Could the problem be ram? We have the same amount of GB of ram but his MHz is higher which is 2400MHz while my RAM's MHz is 1333.