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  1. N

    Question Unable to access to UEFI after switching to AHCI - only grub recovery mode

    Hi all, I have an ASUS Vivobook. I was trying to install Linux, and since the installation process was not working (it remained stuck during the loading of the OS installer) I tried to change an option in the laptop UEFI (as suggested on the net). I don't recall the specific option name, but I...
  2. JohnDotes

    Question Dedicated & Integrated GPU Usage Issue

    Hey Everyone, A couple of questions right off the bat: My GPU 0 is set to be the 'dedicated' GPU (3050ti), is that normal? Whenever I set programs, such as games, to run on the GPU, the usage shows 0%. I have already set programs to run on the dedicated GPU, but usage still shows to be 0%. Why...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Asus Vivobook Pro 16x M7600QC dead camera

    About 3 months ago I've bought Asus Vivobook Pro 16x M7600QC laptop and I'm having issues with my camera. Camera is not recognized as a device in device manager and I think it's faulty. I've tried reinstalling the drivers, restarting and trying to enable the camera but when I press Fn + F10...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Strange black screen with text on boot

    Hi there! My dad just bought an Asus vivobook (s15 s533) about a week ago. He hasn't updated windows or downloaded any driver updates, so it's still fresh put of the box with windows 10. When he tries to boot the pc, he sees the welcome screen, but then it goes to a black screen displaying the...
  5. O

    Question Laptop won't turn on (Asus s410ua)

    I'm using my laptop for more than 2 years now. My laptop came with 128GB ssd and 1TB HDD. 128GB ssd was too low for me , so recently decide to change it to 500GB SSD. 1st attched photo was my Previous SSD and 2nd one is the new one. After removing the old and intslled my new SSD, I went back to...
  6. R

    Question Asus Vivobook x512u UEFI password reset

    Hello, i have big problem 1 year ago IT guy reinstall windows and set UEFI admin user password now i want reinstall windows and cant acces bios with admin rights or BOOT from USB how can i reset that password without laptop disband. i search and read 3 hours in google cant find solution for this...
  7. V

    [SOLVED] Installing a SSD on my laptop, no SATA connector

    I have recently bought an ASUS Vivobook S15 (S530F) with 256GB of NVMe SSD, no optical unit. In need for more storage, I bought a 2.5'' SSD. Although there is enough physical space for it, (pic1 pic2) I can't figure out if I can buy a "hdd sata ribbon adapter". They are usually made for...
  8. Question ASUS VivoBook 15 - Can I install a Crucial P1 Nvme into it?

    Hello. I have this ASUS X512FJ-EJ226T laptop from the ASUS VivoBook 15 series. It is a Brazilian model: i5-8265U + 8GB 2400Mhz Ram (Single Slot) + 1TB HDD + GeForce MX230. I opened it today and had a little look inside. It looks to me as if it accepts M.2 NVMe SSDs because the conector looks...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] VivoBook 15 - X512FJEJ227T have NVME PCIe Support?

    I'm going to buy the Vivobook 15 and a I want to know if this laptop supports NVMe PCIe. I think that this have a M.2 slot, but I can't find any information on internet about the PCIe support. I'm thinking to install the CORSAIR FORCE MP510 960GB M.2 2280 3D TLC NAND NVME, CSSD-F960GBMP510. Is...
  10. RandyANdy

    Question SODIMM not working with Ryzen 5 Asus Vivobook X505ZA

    Hi. So I bought a 4gb stick of Kingston ddr4 laptop ram. I inserted it properly (Ive probably opened this laptop up about 10 times now in the past day) and I have determined that when the ram is in my pc goes into an automatic repair loop. when it is out everything fixes itself. I have updated...
  11. ianhuysman

    Question Laptop constantly turning on and off

    Hi all, I've been trying to fix an Asus Vivobook that randomly turned off shortly after turning it on. I first tried to get Memtest 86 to run on it, but it kept shutting down. After doing the usual stuff (Removing the battery, reseating ram, removing all storage devices...). The laptop...
  12. G

    Question 45% NTSC vs 75% NTSC

    I just bought a laptop and the colors and visuals are really pretty terrible in my opinion. No matter what settings I try to use, it still looks really bad. I found a vivobook like mine with a 75% NTSC panel and much better specs for around 90 dollars more. My question is: should I go for the...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] What does 'Used Slots' (RAM) mean in Task Manager?

    Hi guys, hope you will answer this quick question of mine. I'm on an ASUS Vivobook (model number X510UF) and I've been wanting to upgrade the RAM (it's 4GB currently). I saw this in task manager.; CLICK HERE TO VIEW SCREENSHOT So what does 'Slots used' mean? Does it mean that my motherboard...
  14. PaSandima

    [SOLVED] WiFi Card Replacement

    Hi. I have an Asus X542UQ-DM333T laptop and I have issues with connecting wifi networks. I have tried reinstalling the wifi driver but it didn't work. This device has a Qualcomm atheros AR956x network adapter. Is there a way to solve this without replacing the WiFi card.? If not, I have checked...
  15. P

    Question New ASUS VivoBook F505ZA with Ryzen 2500u has slow memory

    I ran a benchmark from PassMark on this F505ZA laptop and the Memory Mark score was 1669. It has 16 gigs of DDR4 2400 memory. The same Memory Mark on my old 7 year old laptop with DDR3 PC-12800 scores 2137. How can the new laptop be so slow? It is noticeably slower in loading software and in...
  16. I

    Question ASUS Motherboard Upgrade

    Hey guys, I have an ASUS Vivobook Max X541UV with the i7-6500u CPU. My motherboard (60NB0CG0-MB3011) has an issue due to water damage and so I'm planning on getting a new/used one. I'm thinking of the i7-7500u. I'm just not sure if it is compatible. How do I check that BEFORE investing. Any...
  17. SumTingW0ng

    Should I enable or disable Windows Fast Startup?

    Should I enable or disable Windows Fast Startup? I have the OS installed on SSD.
  18. L

    How much will my FPS increase?

    Hello guys, quick question. I have a AMD FX 6200 processor, together with a AMD 290x. If i upgrademy cpu, to something like a Intel Core i5-4690K, what kind of FPS increase can i expect in games like Fallout 4, GTA5 and The Witcher? :)