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    [SOLVED] Video file too big to play in VLC

    Hello! I don't know if this is the right category, so sorry if it isn't. :confused2: Anyway, I recorded a game clip a while ago, and left OBS recording overnight accidentally. Now I have a file that is 68 Gigs, and I can't open it in VLC or Premiere to clip it down. What do I do? Help!
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    16GB (4x4GB) corsair dominator platinum, could i separate this kit into two 8GB kits (2x4GB) kits and use in two Builds?

    So i recently purchased a 16gb kit of corsair dominator platinum and i was just wondering if using a only 8gb (2x4GB) of a 16gb (4x4GB) kit is still possible and whether the ram will still function with only half the kit being used?