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  1. L

    Can't get it up ! (Gateway G6 333 Mghz)

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 (More info?) Running w98SE after doing an up date which never completed started having errors on my E drive. Did Disk Doctor and now the darn computer won't boot. I am getting NVRAM update failed and keyboard error and then it just locks...
  2. spartan92

    Adjusting NIC properties in Device Manager

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience/advice on adjusting my NIC card properties within the Device Manager in Windows. I confess that I don't know much about what these settings do, so I didn't want to start changing them without consulting others who might be able to inform me a...
  3. G

    Dimension 9100

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) The 'Preliminary Ship Date' of the 9100 appears to be slipping ny more than one day per day. Any ideas as to what is going on?
  4. G

    HELP.... dont know how to close laptop

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) How do you physically close this dell inspiron 9300 laptop? dont want to break it
  5. G

    Windows Media Center on a Dimension 2350

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) I have a Dimension 2350 with a Hauppauge TV card. I wonder if anyone has tried to install Windows Media Center (I know it will require a new install of Windows) on a machine like this with any luck. Problem areas might be the Hauppaugge...
  6. G

    Latitude C640 battery light

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) I get the feeling that the battery light on my Latitude C640 is not just for indicating that the battery is recharging. It blinks quite frequently even when the battery is charged and the laptop is plugged in. Does anyone know what...
  7. E

    Dell Inspiron 8100

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) HAs anyone changed the video card in this latop. I have and am having problems with XP detecting card. anolog works, LCD remains blank.
  8. A

    Dell Latitde C640 Hard Drive Info. Help

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) I recently bought a Dell Latitude C640 for a repair project. I replaced the LCD and Hard Drive, (they were trashed). Since the origanal drive was fried and could not be cloned, I clone the drive from my Inspiron 8600 and chaned the...
  9. G

    Setup..Computer in different room from Monitor, keyboard e..

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) I am finally upgrading my 5 yr old Dell XPS and came up with an idea to clean up the mess of wires under and behind the computer which is usually at ones feet... Wonder if anyone has tried it.. I plan on putting the Computer itself...
  10. M

    SATA and EIDE

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) If I want to use an EIDE in a computer (Dimension 8400) that has a SATA hard drive in it already. Is it possible to use an IDE controller card for the EIDE hard drive without any troubles ? I assume that the cable for each type of hard...
  11. G

    Dell Inspirons and Latitudes

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) Okay folks, so I'm thinking about buying a Latitude D810 because quite frankly they rock :-) However I'm not opposed to the 9300 line of the Inspiron line :-) My question to you all is if there are any rumors of a D820 or Inspiron 9400...
  12. D

    Will not show networks in rang

    Hello, I have the hp mini 110 and at first the wireless network connection found networks and would connect to them. As you can tell because I am asking this, is that it is not working any more. The hp wireless assist is on but the networks just don't show up any more. (not even my own network)...
  13. G

    BIOS settings??

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) I have a Dell Dim 2400. Eventually it will need a battery replacement and I suspect I'll have to know the BIOS settings. How do I find these settings? MB
  14. G

    HP gigabit adapters

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?) can somebody arrange the following HP gigabit adapters in a chronological order and tell me where I can find more info on when were these adapters released? HP NC7131 HP NC7170 HP NC7781 Compaq NC 7131 Compaq NC 7780
  15. G

    DVD zones

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) Hello. Does anyone know which zone's disc is the DVD player of an Inspiron 9200? Someone told me you can change the zone but only 3 times: if that's true, what can you do after that to play more DVDs? Is there an update available to...
  16. SuperGamerBoy

    First time SSD Buyer. Samsung vs Sandisk vs Kingston vs OCZ vs Intel vs Adata vs Corsair vs Plextor

    So, i am buying an SSD for my new pc. This is the first time i am buying an SSD. I have narrowed down my choices to these- http://www.flipkart.com/sandisk-extreme-series-sdssdx-120g-g25-120-gb-ssd-internal-hard-drive/p/itmdgzajjwasnjvu?pid=IHDDGZAHVXRH7PBX&otracker=search&pageNum=1...
  17. G

    Question about a Dell Optiplex computer

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.misc,alt.sys.pc-clone.dell,sci.electronics.misc (More info?) Hi I have a Dell Optiplex GXa computer, with a PII 300 mhz cpu. Can I replace that cpu by a PIII cpu ( 500 mhz, 512 cache, 100 mhz fsb, 2.0V core) do it's motherboard can take that PIII cpu ...
  18. G

    Missing Software Media

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) Last year I purchased a Dimension 8400. I asked for the Corel WP Productivity package...basically WP 12. I've been going through the stuff that came with the machine, and I cannot seem to find any CD with the program on it. I know I...
  19. S


    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) I have a 8400 and a 8300 and I was wondering if I ever have to reinstall the software or OS on my 8300, could I use the disks from the 8400 to do it? I'm asking because the OS on the 8400 came pre-installed with XP SP2, while the 8300...
  20. G

    Dell Cpi and new battery

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?) Hi all! I recently bought a new (as the seller refers)non-original battery for my Cpi D266XT (really a 400 Mhz,since I upgraded the CPU myself),Bios A10. The battery is #1691 compatible (3800 mAh).My AC adapter is the PA-6 9364U. The...