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    Twain problem

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.scanner (More info?) After downloading Windows XP updates, none of my programs cannot communicate with my scanner (canon8400f). Have reinstalled canon software and checked the Control Panel/Scanner and Cameras/ to find the scanner is installed. The test...
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    What kind of cable? Epson TM-T85

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Hello I have an Epson TM-T85 thermal printer, with serial interface. The interface on the printer side is RS232 female. What kind of cable do I need to connect to PC? Thanks in advance Dominic
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    Wep thermal printer driver

    i am able to get the driver for TH400 thermal printer WEP
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    Black Screen after Windows XP splash, AMD/ATI APU

    New build: Asus F2A85 M AMD A8 Trinity APU Fresh install of Windows XP (sp3 and all updates). Monitor goes black after Windows logo after I installed Catalyst Drivers. Tried several installs and reinstalls of CCC and the display drivers. Also did a couple fresh installs of XP on both new...
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    Leadtek tv card

    i want to download leadtek tv card softwere for xp
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    Hello,please tell me mercury pi 945 gcm drivers download process
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    Help with using text to speech?

    Hello, my computer doesn't have a microphone. i think there is a thing where i can type and then the computer will read what i type. if it does, how do i get to it, and will it read as i type (or does it have to typed before hand, because i can use google voice to make calls and when i call...
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    Rollback feature

    Hello, Any resolution to the rollback feature problem....not being able to download games. I download from Oberon games. thanks. Linda
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    Having a problem sending pictures

    Recently I cannot send pics via email from "My Pictures" file or Kodak Easy Share. A pop up says, "Not Impeded" or something like that...can you help. Thanks, Nina,
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    Refurbished gateway was dead out the box

    First let me explain a bit. I bought this from a friend 4 years ago. It was purchased as refurbished from Gateway on Gateway site on Ebay. The box was never opened . I bought it for a spare and my other XP machine is still going. Of course my friend kept saying I better try or the 30 day...
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    Desktop screen does not appear.

    Hello, I boot up my windows xp and the windows loading screen appears then it goes black you can hear that windows is booting but the screen is black