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  1. P

    Question Having a strange audio issue

    So for the past few months whenever I join on PC any sort of voice chat be it Discord, Skype or the Xbox app I always have to switch my input, so lets say I'm using my Arctis 1 and thats whats selected as my default and what is selected in the app I have to select something else and then switch...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Cant here in game voice chat in any game! </3

    <Mod Edit> me dead guys this is driving me mad. as i stated i canot hear anyone else in game, i can see there voice chat icon appear but no sound. this has happened in Hunt showdown, rainbow 6 seige and over watch that i have tested. side note i have also noticed in discord when testing my mic...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Everyone can hear me on my mic but I cannot hear them

    This has been an ongoing problem for some time. If I start a private voice chat through steam or origin I can hear my friends and they can hear me just fine. However I cannot hear any of the other players in actual multiplayer. This is the case in multiple games like Battlefield 4 and the new...
  4. BobMcSmith

    Question Mic works in discord but not in any game

    Hi! My microphone used to work, but for some reason, it stopped working in all of my games. My microphone works in discord and i can talk to people and use it, but in all of my games, it does not work in comms. Yes, the correct device is set, yes, it is my default, and yes, I have tried...
  5. PrivilegeYT

    Water On Laptop

    Ok, so a student dropped water on my teachers Laptop which is a Toshiba something. Before she was consulted by me she tested to see if the Laptop/Notebook by turning it on which lead her to realize that the computer actually turned on but the screen would not display anything nor does it even...
  6. M

    Computer Crashing Often

    My machine usually runs really fast but as of the last two weeks it has been crashing (BSOD) at least once but sometimes three or four times a day. Any browser I use will often crash; either it'll just crash or flash will stop working. Before I started to get the BSOD's flash was crashing more...