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  1. PatriciaJames

    Question API For Mobile Application - Consulting App

    Could anyone suggest with free video chat APIs are the best for new mobile applications? I have found some API in market solutions, I am looking for more suggestion.
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Do voice recorders record significantly cleaner sound than phone voice recording apps?

    Do voice recorders record significantly cleaner sound than phone voice recording apps? I am wondering what voice recorder I have to buy.
  3. D

    Question Audio Drivers Keep Breaking After Installing Voice Changer

    I used to use Clowfish voice changer for a youtube series and it worked perfectly, but about a year ago my USB headset broke and I've had issues ever since. I bought a new headset, but this one is uses an audio jack instead of being a USB jack, and it refused to work with the new headset, but I...
  4. editor1

    Question voice command apps n desktop

    Hi I'm about to be in a half body cast. Any one know how I can navigate desktop and note pad++ by voice ? I loked at jarvice and google voice search thaing("ok google"). I want to edit my notes. no coding. shoping note's exct. And may be a game(any) solitear to runescape. I have a beast of a...
  5. Eimax

    Question Windows 7 strange voice.

    Hello, everyone, so on my friends computer, there's something speaking, like ad or something. It's really similar to narrator voice, but narrator is off. Talking literally random, by not pressing anything. All programs we're closed. Any ideas how to fix it? No viruses found. Thinking about...
  6. J

    test paper database

    hello guys !! i need your help to create a test paper info table: courseid , test paperid , date of exam , questionid , fullmark, knowledge point. thanks for your help!!
  7. Q

    PC restarts and gives black screen when playing most games.

    My PC restarts and gives me a black screen whenever I play games. Whats weird is I've been able to play LoL for weeks and it hasnt restarted. I've had it taken to a repair place twice without them being able to fix it. They believe it's a motherboard issue. Any help is appreciated. PC Specs...
  8. 0

    custom water build

    hello. can someone help me put together a custom water build? fittings, hardtubing, res and pump? thanks
  9. W

    burner always say insert disc in different burning programs

    my Lenovo all in one always say insert disc even there's already a blank disc in. Thanks.
  10. R

    want to upgrade my cpu......

    Hi guys.......My current pc specs are.... CPU-I3 3220 GPU-Radeon 270x 2 gb RAM-Corsair vengance 2x4gb PSU-seasonic 620watt HDD-1tb wd cavier blue MOBO-Asus P8b75-m. My budget is Rs-20000(I live in india) about $300. I want to upgrade my pc (Battlefield 4 lags) So,what should i do Get a new Ive...
  11. J

    Good CPU for Gaming

    i am building a computer for gaming. i currently want to buy the MSI N750TI TF 2GD5/OC geforce gtx 750Ti as my graphics card. what would be a good processor to go with this graphics card personally, my choice would have been the Intel 3.4 GHz LGA 1150 i3 4130 4th Generation Processor