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  1. B

    Question Problem connecting office phone to Ooma Telo

    I just purchased the Ooma Telo and created my account and went thru the setup steps using the mobile app. Initially, the purple light was continually blinking for several hours which indicated it was downloading software. I unplugged and let it restart and after several minutes the status light...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Help with home office VOIP setup

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help with what I might need to setup a VOIP in my home office. I currently use AT&T and have my internet access and two phone lines through their service. I believe the lines are digital because if the AT&T modem goes out for any reason (storm, etc.) and the...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Experiencing ~1.5 second audio latency on communications involving an internet connection

    I've been trying to diagnose this issue for some time now. I have tried different PC's, different communication platforms, different headsets (USB, BT, etc.), different types of connections to my network (cat6, Wi-Fi), I've even upgraded my router to AX3000. No matter what I seem to do I...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Can't do any VoIP , whatsapp or snapchat calls after new router setup

    I've recently gotten my router re set up as it had issues and now i can't get or make any VoIP calls. There's most probably an option on my router's page that i didn't turn on. Everything worked fine before the router re-setup. I don't know much about the options as im only familiar with setting...
  5. C

    Call Forwarding

    Hello Everyone, I have someone who has a Panasonic NS700 PBX, and I"m trying to figure out how to do call forwarding to an external number from the PBX if there is no answer. I've tried Goolging the answer, but all I can find is how to do call forwarding from the handset. Thank You, chuckles2666
  6. [SOLVED] VOIP and Switches and QOS?

    I have a router (Peplink Balance 20) with QOS capabilities connected to a Network switch (Ubiquiti US-24 Unifi Switch) that does not have QOS capabilities. The switch is then connected to some VoIP phones as well as some workstations. If I configure QOS on the router will it be effective for the...
  7. aGoodOldRub

    Question If same price 2600x or 2700 ? sorry for this title

    I am just gonna play games and I found a deal where I can get the 2700 for the same price as 2600x I mean kinda. I can get 2600x with b450 gaming plus asus MOBO or 2700 with msi a pro mobo. I don't think motherboard brand difference make a big difference ? I would like to spend no more than 50...
  8. R

    Integrated HDMI versus HDMI from a Graphic card

    This is a general question about HDMI. I was wondering whether HDMI coming from a dedicated Video graphics card is better than HDMI from an integrated motherboard in terms of refresh rates. I have a Dell SFF 390 i5 with integrated HDMI running Windows 7 pro. I use it for my entertainment...
  9. P

    Micro center open box+sale

    I have been looking at the Ryzen 5 1600 and I was wondering if I get a open box for it and there is a sale on it will they both add together
  10. S

    Hardware firewalls and routers for home developer and IT

    I have been studying computer technolodgy for many years. It is first and foremost my favorite activity. I want to venture into the world of security and networking. I am running several services on my home pc for multiple reasons. I am working on a few dev apps and other things and also want to...
  11. P

    Micro ATX Power Supply

    Micro ATX Power Supply will work with the ATX motherboard right??? CORSAIR SF Series SF450 450W 80 PLUS GOLD Active PFC Haswell Ready SFX SFX12V Micro ATX Full Modular Power Supply
  12. R

    Best 140mm Fans for Airflow but SILENT!

    Ok so i'm sure there is plenty of threads on here about this already, but i have a bit of a different situation. So I'm in the market for 4, 140mm Case Fans that are Quiet but with good airflow. I'm most likely to run them at 1,000-1,200 rpm depending on noise level. Also they need to be 4-pin...
  13. J

    BIOS need's recover/update, But keyboard not working

    Hi Guys, Am using an ASUS H170I PRO/CSM motherboard with intel xenon processor. Recently, something happened to my BIOS and the system never booted. The boot screen shows " Enter setup to recover BIOS Keyboard Not detected <something about RAID configuration for SATA> Press F1 to enter...
  14. B

    I builty my new pc and every component turned on but my graphics card didnt turn on `

    So i recently built my new computer and every component turned on but my graphics card didnt. The white LED above the power cable turned on and I made sure that they were connected to the PSU Here is the list of components: -Intel core i7 6900k Asus Rog Rampage 5 edition 10 32 GB of ddr4...
  15. P

    intel hd graphics probem

    sir i have hp pavilion g6 222tu with 8gb ram and i5 processor with intel HD graphics 4000 iam able to play most of games like gta 5 but the experience is poor so i want to ask that can hd graphics can be changeable with other dedicated grapic card
  16. shreyas133719

    CPU starts but monitor displays no signal

    My PC specs: Windows 8.1 500watts PSU Intel core i7 870(1st gen) DDR3 8gb RAM 1TB HDD(No SSD) GTX 1050 2gb I just had an upgrade to my old PC, sometimes i turn ON the PC it starts up fine but sometimes it turns ON with all the fans running but i get no POST beep and the monitor displays the...
  17. N

    Will this power supply work on HP 280 G2 MT?

    Hello! I would like to buy HP 280 G2 MT below here: http://www8.hp.com/h20195/v2/GetPDF.aspx/c04958603.pdf and upgrade the power supply as its only 180W to this evga one here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N9X3F8F/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER so i can add a...
  18. O

    Help with AiO, Radiator and GPU position

    Hello. I have a few questions. I just installed and mounted the Captain 240 in my small Phenom m_ATX chassis. I plugged both 120mm fans on the radiator and the pump into the Fan Hub and connected it to the CPU_FAN closest to the CPU on the mobo. Is this correct? Also. I have the radiator mounted...
  19. Y

    will my cpu support my mobo

    hello! i have a pretty old mobo i am curious tht will it support i5 6600k my mobo is intel db75en (which is discountinued) i dont wanna buy a new mobo ;-;
  20. B

    Computer shuting down ..?

    so Only recently my computer started shutting down for no apparent reason, at first it seemed to do it at random times But now it seems to be doing in when i play Dota2 ( which is what I mostly do on the computer so it could still b random) Ive notice My Cpu Temp seemed high 85c+...
  21. H

    What do you guys recommend for me to upgrade on my pc to get better game performance?(Specs Below)

    So im starting to play more high end games on my pc and ive noticed the fps has been slacking the higher quality i turn up. I want to be able to play newer games on higher quality with 100+ Fps. Specs Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 CPU AMD Athlon II X4 645 Propus 45nm Technology RAM 8.00GB...
  22. N

    Setting Up A VPN On A Hosted Virtual Private Server To Use For Personal

    Hi - I have a VPS with a hosting company with 3 dedicated IP's. I wanted to host my own VPN server and thought this would be an ideal way, without having to buy a server and set up at home. Is anyone proficient in how to install a VPN application on a VPS with the security protocols? It is a...
  23. J

    Old PSU works with old Mobo/cpu, but not New mobo/cpu (surprise!)

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I present to you my conundrum. Decided to give myself an upgrade today, So I went and bought a second-hand Intel i5-4690k, and a brand new gigabyte GA-z97p-d3 motherboard to accommodate my newfound processing power. I assembled my to-be new rig Yet when I...
  24. P

    New PC build not working

    Hey, i've recently bought new computer and it's not really working, when i try to boot it up it spins the fans and lights the case but nothing comes out from I/O (HDMI cable and USB ports, just overall nothing else works than fans). If someone could please find out what's wrong i'd be glad. My...
  25. F

    Mini freezes and buzz sound

    My headphones happen to randomly buzz from time to time, for half a second. When it happens during video gaming, the game freezes for that brief time. In the worst cases the buzzing/freezing last longer (2-3 seconds), few times even permanently (need to reset pc). It's like it doesn't manage to...
  26. N

    One more question about Windows size...

    Ok, so I installed the fresh Win 10 Home on my new SSD and I found that Windows folders are around 15GB, after instaling just WinRar, PowerISO programs and some windows update tgat size increase to around 25GB. It's not Anniversary Update cos I installed 1607 verzion downloaded from Microsoft...
  27. D

    which intel nuc should i get?

    I was looking at the intel nuc and i saw there were two options https://www.amazon.com/Intel-NUC-NUC6i3SYH-BOXNUC6I3SYH-Silver-Black/dp/B018NSAPIM/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1487627274&sr=1-3&keywords=intel+nuc+i3 or...
  28. L

    Acer Aspire XC-780 sound card question

    "Sound card" probably not the best description, however... I got an XC-780 that I'm looking to use to run Sonar Professional DAW. I need to know if the sound 'system' of the XC-780 can run ASIO (because MME is pants as regards latency). If it can, my plan would be to switch to ASIO mode and get...
  29. T

    build or buy a prebuilt pc for 1080p

    Im planning on building this :http:// pc but I recently which i am planning to usse for 1080p and at least 60fps gaming but I saw this one http:// and now im not sure wether to build or not. ps: i dont care about optical drive or ssd and i have to buy peripherals
  30. V

    Is gtx 1050ti compatible with my pc?

    RAM 4GB DDR2 GPU Currently GTS 250 PSU 450 CPU Q8200
  31. R

    Can i overclock with coolermaster hyper 103 ?

    Hi. I have fx 6300 3.5 nd i wanna over clock it to atleast 4.1ghz. Is tat possible without getting any heat issue? My PC build is ... Msi 970 gaming motherboard 10gb ram (8+2 both corsair ) PSU corsair VS550 Coolermaster hyper 103 CPU fan. And I'm thinking weather to go for Gtx 1050ti 4gb...
  32. G

    How to get 5.1 speakers to work on my PC

    I bought the Gigabyte H110m-a motherboard a while back and just recently purchased the logitech z506 speaker system for gaming. These speakers are 5.1 channel, but I cannot get them to function properly on my PC. There are three cords: a green cord, which i plugged into the green "line out" port...
  33. Crowbar92

    Files not saving correctly, files not appearing on computer

    Hello, I have a really weird problem, which I have come accross a few months ago the first time. At the time I thought it was just a minor problem with a third party tool (an editor for a game, don't remember which one). However, it has appeared again with another editor tool for a game (an...
  34. N

    Need a replacement for my motherboard

    I have been using an i5 4690k with a gigabyte z97 gaming 5 mobo. Today I believe my mobo blew, (took everything apart and tested components individually). That being said, do you think that it would be worth it to buy a replacement 1150 socket mobo, since it is already ~3 years old? Or should...
  35. T

    Why is my SSD full?

    I recently purchased an ssd. It is an OCZ Trion 150 960gb, my Toshiba 1tb hhd was almost full. So I was going to put my games and os on an ssd. I did a fresh install of the os on the hard drive which got rid of all apps and settings, including games. I then use AOMEI partition software to...
  36. Rafael Mestdag

    What is the best laptop brand out there right now?

    I mean in general but especially in terms of gaming performance. I'd like a laptop with a great 17 inch screen, a great sound and a good keyboard. The best available graphics card for a laptop etc... To sum it up I want the best gaming laptop out on the market currently. Thx in advance!
  37. T

    Anyone selling a gtx 1060

    Hello, is anyone selling a gtx 1060?
  38. R

    AsRock broken audio capacitor help!

    I have an AsRock H85m-ITX and the audio capacitors are located just to the left of the pci e slot, and the audio capacitor there got broken. I am quite experienced with soldering so I am going to replace it. But I am not experienced in capacitor rating and such. I need help! The capacitor reads...
  39. G

    Computer won't post. Trying to identify the culprit.

    Hi everyone, My computer running a Z170 Stinger won't post. I was trying to play Last Remnant, went to load a save file and the computer just shut itself off. Now it won't power on and won't post. I've tried leaving it unplugged for a while but all I get when I flip the switch on the back of...
  40. F

    the barebones of debug

    Actually this is a few questions. I gave my pc a major upgrade yesterday consisting of (for reference purposes); MSI's Z170A motherboard and matching GTX 1070. I'm still new to the technicals so I'd like to ask if anyone is familiar with the debug code LED and other status LEDs. The codes are...