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    [SOLVED] MSI Laptop orange and white power light flickkering, not turning on

    Good day, My MSI Pulse GL66 laptop isn't starting up anymore. I have changed the processor voltage offset by -70 and it worked perfectly and fine. I then read that the ring/cache offset should also be changed to the same value. I restarted my laptop and changed this as well within the bios...
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    [SOLVED] Voltage offset applied in BIOS, but not reflected in monitoring tools (Ryzen 3700x)

    I applied a voltage offset of -0.0875 in my ASUS Tuf X570 BIOS, and the change is reflected in the BIOS (voltage reading went from 1.4xx to 1.3xx). In all monitoring tools I've tried (CPU-Z, HWInfo, HWMonitor, Ryzen Master) the voltage still spikes to 1.5...and yes, I know that's not a problem...