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VPN Client

Forum discussion tagged with VPN Client.
  1. C

    Question VPN not able to connect.

    I am having issues connecting to any VPN on my Desktop PC. I have PureVPN and NordVPN and neither will connect. Both have been used for years on this PC with no issues. So far I have: Ran all 3 Netsh Commands for resetting network adapters Used a Wifi adapter to verify it wasn't the LAN port...
  2. kborst2020

    Question Setting up VPN with 2 routers

    Hi all! A search didn't bring up quite my situation, but I need some advice on getting a VPN setup for my internet. A couple of details that might be important: I use Expressvpn and live outside the US. Currently our internet is cable, so we have the cable modem (which is broadcasting wifi)...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] One VM, One VPN Client and Multiple Users

    Hi guys, I need your help. I work for a company which uses frequently Oracle Virtualbox VM's for connecting to different clients through VPN Clients (Fortinet, Cisco, Cisco Anyconnect, ecc..). Our problem is that each one of us must have one single VM per VPN Client, causing a fact that the...
  4. Alwyn87

    [SOLVED] Help me with this configuration

    hey i have 2 physical network ports (RJ45) on my computer i have network port A with internet from my ISP network port B connected to a second computer that i can not make any changes to (no terminal available in that live boot OS) i also have a active vpn connection with ExpressVPN...
  5. Question Need help with network setup to connect to VPN server

    Hi, So I've been instructed to connect to a VPN server that a colleague has set up, he gave me an IP and Port and which Protocol to use (UDP) that i should open as outbound connection in the firewall. The idea is that a Linux controller and a PC is communicating with each other in a private...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] vpn software for mac

    i'm looking for a vpn service for my mac osx version 10.7. i know i have to upgrade but i need something for now. free would be great. by the way is tor browser any good? is it worth it?
  7. nwolf1010

    650 dollar pc build

    I have put together a pc build I want some other people's opinions on it https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Nwolf1010/saved/YY4j4D