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  1. N

    Buying a new laptop- Questionnaire filled out.

    1. What is your budget? At max $600 US 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? At least a 15" screen 3. What screen resolution do you want? Whatever goes along with a 15" screen 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable 5. How much battery life...
  2. 4

    Thinking to buy an Asus Motherboard for an Intel i5 8th Gen

    I need a motherboard for Intel core i5 8th Generation pc. I am not a gamer but I want to build a faster pc for multitasking and longtime and long life use. I am a heavy user and use my pc for a long time without any break. I have chosen some Asus motherboard. I need your help to choose the...
  3. S

    Motherboard ez debug CPU not detected or failed (multiple cpus tested)

    Ez debug CPU not detected or fail. Bought new motherboard (msi h270 gaming m3) after my computer froze while playing dota2. After turning computer off started boot looping so I got a new mb and now it powers up but does not work. I5 6500 2x 2400 8gb ddr4 650w psu R9 380 nitro 4gb Have been...
  4. hollowvolition

    i5 7500 to i5 8400 or Ryzen 5 2600

    Hello all. I’m giving away my motherboard, cpu and gpu to my brother’s new build. For my new gpu, I’ve chosen the Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8 GB – I have a 1080p 75 Hz LG 23.8” Freesync IPS monitor, I’d like to take advantage of the technology. I use the pc for gaming (offline heavy titles, online...
  5. K

    Should I Overclock My CPU or GPU For Gaming And How To?

    There are my PC specs OS : Windows 10 Home 64-bit Memory : Kingston SSD 240GB // Toshiba HDD 3TB Graphics Card : GeForce® GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8G Processor : Intel® Core™ i7-8700K up to 4.70 GHz RAM : Vengeance® LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz Cooling System : NZXT Kraken X52 Water Cooling Fan...
  6. vkatsarelias

    Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 vs AMD A8-5500B APU - Which CPU should I get?

    I'm looking into buying a refurbished PC. There are 2 options: HP Compaq dc7800 - Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.50GHz HP Compaq Pro 6305 - AMD A8-5500B APU @ 3.20 GHz (3.70 Ghz Turbo) Here are the results from cpubenchmark.net (click here). Which computer do you think I should buy?
  7. A

    Is this a dead pixel?

    just noticed this thought is was dirt at first but now found out it isn't. image of it - https://imgur.com/a/w4Mp7HP
  8. J

    Please help im a pc building noob!

    Hello people So basically im planning on building a pc for the first time and i have a question: Im planning on using an intel i3 8100 cpu as i really cant spend too much. Ive also looked into gpu's and i really like the gtx 1060, but will i end up bottlnecking my system as im only using an i3...
  9. Captain Discombobulate

    Upgrade from Ryzen 1600 worth it.

    1080P paired with a 8gb rx 580. 1600 is overclocked to 3.8ghz on all cores. Motherboard is Crosshair VI hero. Upgrade to 1800x 199.99 or 2600x 189.99 worth it. My cpu will sell for 120$ after fees.
  10. Drerunsit

    Jagged/grainy display on new build

    Hello, everyone I recently built a brand new gaming PC, with fresh Windows install: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/YpFm7W The problem I'm having is that, after installing the latest drivers with Radeon Settings, everything looks grainy/jagged/imperfect. With the stock driver, I don't have...
  11. P

    Multiple attempts at fixing boot loops, not memory, restored windows 2 times now HELP!!

    So I just built my first pc. Everything was going fine for a of couple days until I started getting boot loops with different error messages each time. After looking up multiple solutions to this and trying as many as I could, I would still be getting BSoDs. One day, for some reason, windows...
  12. V

    My WD 4TB hard drive doesn't work on Windows, on Ubuntu it says unclean file system

    I was copying few files from my phone to my external hard drive and my laptop froze so I had to remove the cable without unmounting and when I plugged it again my explorer froze. I have tried several other PC's but it still freezes. Then I tried mounting my drive on Ubuntu and it gives me a...
  13. J

    battery problem help

    is anyone having problems with their battery on a Toshiba satellite p55w-c5208 the 4khd edition?
  14. D

    How do I use my GPU instead of my integrated graphics?

    So it seems like my DVI connection is ruined on my graphics card, i connect it and it wont display my monitor, sometimes it just works till boot and when windows comes on it says no signal, while connecting my 2nd monitor which is like a TV 32inch to the HDMI connection on my GPU it works just...
  15. O

    New GPU 2k18

    CPU - I7 2600k motherboard is intel dp67bg 16gb corsair vengeance ddr3 ram 1 250gb samsung 750 evo ssd 1 120gb ocz agility 3 ssd seagate barrcuda 4tb HDD seagate 500gb hdd graphics card is gtx 560 ti hey thats my current build and I am planning on upgrading my graphics card, considering new...
  16. A

    Avira itranslator.dll TR/Black.Gen2

    Hello ladies and gentleman, I'm not gonna lie over the fact that I downloaded a program that i shouldn't have. Yes, I know, don't download from sites you don't trust. That little program had a little "present" for me. A trojan called TR/Black.Gen2 in the file itranslator.dll. I tried removing...
  17. W

    Motherboard don't detect cpu and ram?!?!

    Hello, I have problem I got ryzen 5 2600x Mobo MSI x370 sli plus and ram corsair cmr16gx4m2z3200c16. Gpu msi r9 390 8gb Problem is when I push power button all fans spin and I have on monitor black screen. On motherboard on debug led cpu and ram fail to start or not detected. I do everything...
  18. N

    Computer Randomly Restarts During Any Use

    Hello! So recently I have been getting random restarts during computer use. It sometime occurs when I have the computer just idling, or browsing the web. It happens frequently when playing Overwatch, but most frequently when watching Netflix. I can barely get through 2 episodes of 45 min...
  19. L

    Best thumping sub under $500

    Most punch sub for under $500?
  20. G

    SkyLink TV Antenna Review: Popular Gadget Falls Flat

    With a rated 30-mile range, the SkyLink TV antenna is an overpriced underperformer when compared with the likes of the Mohu Leaf Metro or AmazonBasics ultra-thin HDTV antennas. SkyLink TV Antenna Review: Popular Gadget Falls Flat : Read more