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  1. kuldeep.jadeja.09

    Question Gtx 960 2gb OC is showing 0 MB VRAM ? can any hardware expert repair it ?

    Greetings Experts , i have a Graphic card which shows flickered display as per shown in the attached JPEGs,. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmM9KbxY Also i check with the GPU-z and it showed every details of this card except Bus Width and Bus handle (something , sorry , i don't know much about this stuff...
  2. R

    Question B350 Mortar Artic VRAM light white

    Hi, My VRAM light is light white on the motherboard. It’s a brand new build and everything powers up but I get no display either. I’ve swapped out and tried different ram but still no luck. Is it the board possibly?
  3. F

    Question GTX 960 won't work

    My friend gave me a GTX 960, when I put it in my pc though, there was a lot of graphical glitches. I asked him about it and he said that he forgot to put in support for the card so now one or more of the VRAM chips have been dislodged. I think this is the problem because when I'm playing a game...
  4. S

    Question Graphical Artifacts across all games/Lack of VRAM Usage in all games

    So I've been having this issue that's shown in this video I'm linking here. I don't even know what to call this issue. I've read a bit about others having it, but no real solution. I decided to download CAM so that I could measure my PC Hardware while playing any games. I noticed that in every...
  5. F

    Incorrect boot up

    My Asus Notebook Model UX305F Windows 8 gives a series of dots in the password box on boot up, which cannot be deleted. Usually turning off and on a couple of times fixes it, but what is happening, and how do i stop it please?