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  1. V

    Question Laptop iGPU ram allocation ?

    Hello, I've got myself a brand new ASUS Zenbook 14 (UM3402YA-KN173W) laptop Specs: Ryzen 5625U AMD Radeon (TM) graphics. (I'm confused because in some articles it says that it's Vega 7 for that CPU) 16Gb (2x8gb) Ram(LPDDR4x) My question is that, I might remember it wrong but out of 16gb, I...
  2. M

    Question Replacing CPU and VRAM

    Need a help with advice. Currently i have i7 4790, 16GB vram. Tomorrow i will change them to another components, first CPU today i got used 4790K version and Vram later with 32GB. Motherboard is z97, windows 10 pro latest all updated. So if i change both of them at same time, will after that my...
  3. Allame

    Question Should I buy the RTX 3060 or the RTX 4060 Ti ?

    I want to upgrade my RX 480. I'm using Ryzen 5 3600, and using my pc for gaming, I found the GPUs listed below in my local store. Any idea which one is better and why? consider (performance/price). my PSU: EVGA 600 B1 600 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 EAGLE...
  4. Z

    Question Best value GPU with 27+GB VRAM for running LLMs ?

    My use case is I have installed LLMs in my GPU using the method described in this Reddit Post. I want to run WizardLM-30B, which requires 27GB of RAM. (I also have a quantized version with lower RAM requirements, but I do not have a number on the RAM requirements. I just know that I can fit...
  5. Iver Hicarte

    Question Why Does Nvidia Keep Making GPUs that Have Low VRAM?

    I read and heard somewhere (I can't recall exactly where) that Nvidia can get away with lower VRAM with their GPUs compared to their AMD counterparts since they have mastered something in relation to "Lossless Image Compression". If I'm not mistaken and from how I understand it, it works just...
  6. hyperistic

    Question UMA Buffer Size Option in AMIBCP

    UMA Buffer Size not showing in Memory Configuration, can somebody help me, I want to change the -UMA Buffer Size from "Auto" to "2GB" -Integrated Graphics from "Auto" tot "Force" Both of the above options are neither showing in my BIOS nor in AMIBCP Asus Vivobook X505ZA
  7. E

    Question Graphics card with more vRAM for AI Art Generation ?

    Currently have a 2060 super a really nice GPU but I want one with a bit more VRAM for art Generation. Embedding training in particular. I have a $1,000 budget I'm looking for quiet GPUs like Models with three fans etc Right now I'm considering a 4070 Ti 12GB @ $800 or an RTX 3060 12GB @ $360...
  8. J

    Question VRAM usage

    So I have been trying to figure out why, when I play Escape from Tarkov , is my 3080 12gb gpu using all of its dedicated memory while loading maps and playing the game? I have textures set to high, like everyone else recommends with my setup. I’m not losing any performance by the way, no...
  9. H

    Question Slow loading Textures, sometimes not loading at all

    Hey guys, so sometimes when i start a game it doesn't load at all, just a blackscreen, but most of the time the textures load extremely slow. Terrain will not render fast etc. Tried testing my RAM using the windows tool , all good. Tested my SSD's with Crystal Disk- 99%. Noticed in the...
  10. Prad_Bitt

    [SOLVED] GPU Artifacting with Instant Replay?

    Hi guys, I have a GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC 3X 8G. Everything on my screen starts to artifact (entire windows) while after I turn on Instant Replay from GeForce Experience. Sometimes it may take 1 hour, sometimes 8 hours. It goes away immediately though if I turn off Instant...
  11. Lukyenn

    Question PC Crashes and Artifacts

    Okay so I am starting this thread because it's gotten to the point where I don't know what to do anymore... I've built my PC like 2 years ago ( I can't remember exactly ) and after about a year I started getting a random black screen around once a week, but only on valorant and rocket league...
  12. P

    Question 1.5 gb vram usage on startup

    I have a 6600xt, which i have had no problems with until recently. On start-up, 1.5 gb of vram is being used up by something and severely increases stuttering in intensive vram games I thought it was a glitch with the amd overlay but in hwinfo it also shows that the dedicated vram usage is 1.5...
  13. alreadyfuell

    Question Laptop gpu crash while charging

    Laptop gpu crash while charging, my msi gf63 with i7 8750h and 1050 is working perfectly if its not connected to the wall But as soon as i connect it, and run some benchmark or games, it would artifact, notify me an error nvlddmkm.sys and also freezes before running again and repeat itself. my...
  14. ekno

    Question Pagefile.sys size

    I have a pc build. The pagefile or vram after a while keeps increasing, even when I'm not doing anything on the machine. The pagefile keeps increasing till i get an error and the computer freezes or there's no functionality. It happens all the time. So i have to restart the machine when i feel...
  15. H

    Question GPU inspecting program not showing the right VRAM

    Specs (using speccy summary): Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Matisse 7nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1596MHz (16-18-18-36) Motherboard ASRock B450 Steel Legend (AM4) Graphics VG248 (1920x1080@144Hz) 4095MB NVIDIA...
  16. UniSense

    [SOLVED] Red light on startup but goes away

    I recently upgraded to a asrock b550 pro4 to accommodate a ryzen 5 5600x. Whenever I boot my pc up, all the red lights flash and the fans go to full speed and then low speed and then it does that same sequence again. However they go away and then it starts as if everything’s fine and I can play...
  17. 1337Skrjabin

    Question Applying thermal pads to VRAM chips that don't have any kind of heat sink

    Hello. So I have this ASUS Dual GTX 1070 and the only part of it that gets proper heat sink is GPU itself. VRAM chips don't have any heatsink attached to them. They don't have a radiator of their own and they don't contact with the main radiator. They are just left unattended. They overheat. I...
  18. ducksheese

    [SOLVED] I have 16gb of RAM, but only 128 MB of VRAM. Can I change this?

    Hello! I have a new laptop that I want to do a little bit of gaming on, but when I check it says I have 128 mb of VRAM, even thought I have 16gb of RAM. I was wondering if there is anyway to boost my VRAM, and if there is, could this be damaging to my system at all? Not sure if these details are...
  19. HoosierTransfer

    Question can bad vram cause memory related bsods?

    so i got some new ram to try and fix the memory related bsods but it didn't fix it. I've also gotten some gpu related bsods. My pc doesnt crash under load tho . i want to know if bad vram/gpu can cause blue screens like KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED...
  20. S

    Question VRAM error on GPU. How to solve?

    Hi! I'm having an issue where my computer randomly freezes and where I have to hard reset my pc while playing games. I've run several tests such as cinebench, furmark, memtest, and all tests that can be found in OCCT. The only time I got errors was when I did the VRAM test. Is it safe to assume...
  21. gigabyte2020

    Question Are those screen artifacts caused by my Vram dying/overheating?? PLEASE HELP!!

    Hey guys, pls bare with me. I started FH5 premium edition yesterday (came from FH4 UE) but I had random crashes the whole game more than I drink water lol, game freezes for few secs then crashes without any errors, also I notices those screen artifacts in screen shots (recorded with shadowplay)...
  22. Muhammad Jahid

    [SOLVED] Biostar H510MX/E 2.0 Vs MSI H510M-A PRO

    I am planning of building a low budget pc with Cori3 10105. I have two options for motherboard: i) Biostar h510mx/e 2.0 ii) Msi h510 A-pro Because of the cheap price, can I choose this particular biostar motherboard over msi? Is there any performance difference between these low budget...
  23. M

    [SOLVED] GTX 1650 has "error 43" on Asus fx505dt laptop ?

    Hello, I need Your wisdom guys, my GTX 1650 in Asus fx505dt has error 43. Computer works fine with AMD integrated graphics besides big temperatures, i guess they are coming from Nvidia chip or vrams. Can You help me out reviving it? Things ive already done with it: drivers update. Old/newest...
  24. J

    Question Apex Legends using too much VRAM, causing painful studders ?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently using a Gigabyte GTX1650 Super, and recently I got into Apex Legends. My graphics card defaulted to High texture settings, in-game saying that it would only use 3-4GB of VRAM, which is ideal, since the 1650 Super has 4GB GDDR6. I noticed extremely bad frame times...
  25. Avid_Stalker

    Question 6900xt Red Devil Limited Edition VRAM Dying Help Please Help Help

    Howdy, So my 6900xt Red Devil limited edition I have had the card coming up nearly a year every thing has been fine and the card has been great. Currently I'm having some. Issues with Battlefield 2042 and just want to see if anyone else has the same problem. but i cant find anything close to...
  26. E

    [SOLVED] VRAM Only shows 1 GB after setting it 2 GB in the BIOS

    So I recently purchase 2 stick of RAM 8 GB each. I have Ryzen 3 2200 G and I wanted to allocate 2 GB of VRAM now that I have 16 GB of RAM I've set the UMA Buffer Size to 2 GB in the BIOS but in my Windows 10 it only show 1 GB. I used Maxsun ms-challanger A320M motherboard, is it because my...
  27. gilang0821

    [SOLVED] Reduce Vram Shared Memory

    My new laptop HP 14-DK1515AU has Ryzen 3250U and 8GB of ram but 3GB is used as Vram shared memory, how I changed that because the VGA already have 2GB dedicated memory and I didn't plant using this laptop for gaming even If I do I believe 2GB more than sufficient because the VRAM cant run max...
  28. I

    [SOLVED] VRAM vs total available graphics memory

    I have the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super, which comes with 8192 MB dedicated video memory. It also says that I have 24476 MB of total available graphics memory. I want to install Far Cry 6 with the HD texture pack, which takes 11 GB of VRAM, would I be able to actually run it though?
  29. S

    [SOLVED] 100% GPU Utilization but only 40% power draw causing FPS drops + Vram spikes

    Hello Lately I have this issue in Red dead redemption 2 where I get sudden FPS drop from 80 - 100 FPS to 4 FPS. Normally the GPU is using 220-230 watts of power, but before the lag happens I noticed that my GPU hits around 7.4 GB of Vram allocation and 6.2-ish GB of actual Vram used by the game...
  30. B

    Question White MOBO led turns on at boot, no post, near the DRAM or VGA asus B-450-F

    When i go to boot my PC (rtx 2070, ryzen 7 2700x, asus b450-f, 16gb trident Z neo ram) a white light turn on the Mobo and i cant get a post. This problem started out of nowhere and I cant seem to find the root of the issue. After dusting my pc and fiddling with the CPU cooler it booted again but...
  31. SomeGuyonTHW

    Question GPU VRAM is suspicious?

    I've noticed a few things about my 2060 PC which are concerning me and I can't find answers to. To my knowledge, Shared GPU memory is used when I run out of VRAM, but this doesn't seem to be the case for the 2060 and I reach 40% or higher Shared memory usage while VRAM usage gets capped at...
  32. C

    [SOLVED] 2080ti dead??

    I had an earlier thread which did not get response and things have now got worse so I hope a new thread is appropriate? I have recently changed my Gigabyte RTX2070 to a Gigabyte RTX2080ti OC which was second hand from a friend who had no issues with it and I had no issues with my 2070. The...
  33. Giant Hunger

    [SOLVED] Could heat up my GPU fix faulty vram?

    Hey, so i just bought the msi gtx 650 ti and it has some vram issue, whenever I open a game, it would always crash, so I open up msi afterburner and lower the core clock and memery clock down and it didn't crash any more, so I guess it was the vram problem. So I was thinking if I could heat up...
  34. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Can GPU Usage still be at 100% even if most of the VRAM isn't being used?

    Dumb question I know....Is GPU usage still going to be at 100% if the VRAM isn't being fully utilized. Let's say I'm playing a game that is quite demanding but there is still a huge headroom for the VRAM usage even if I set the graphic settings at the very max, is the graphics card still going...
  35. M

    [SOLVED] How much vRAM do you need for 8K? (Only asking about VRAM, not if a GPU is fast enough)

    First off, I'm not really running an 8K display. Instead, I have something probably just as rare, three 55" 4K TVs. I want to upgrade my GPU to the NVidia 30 Series and wondering if the 12GB of the 3080ti would be enough, or if I should stick with looking for a 3090. I'm also wondering how much...
  36. A

    [SOLVED] Difference between 4G and 8G Radeon RX 580 when overclocking VRAM

    Hi. As far as I know the default VRAM clock of RX 580 is 2000 MHz for 8GB cards and 1750 MHz for 4GB cards. How does this difference affect overclocking the VRAM? Is the 8GB type more stable at a clock of, say, 2100 MHz? Can such a high clock be harmful for the 4GB type? Thanks.
  37. emilehmedlivevo

    GTA V Memory leak issue

    Hi, my fps is good in game. But after 15-30 minutes game starts to lag because of memory leak. The game is using 4gb ram after loading screen. But after 10-15 minutes game reaches to 7.5gb and lags. Also vram has memory leak issue. Gta 4 has same issue. But I don't have such a problem in any...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] What's problem with my R9 280 (video attachment inside) ?

    Hi mates, I've had an old R9 280 laying around in an anti-static bag with few moisture-absorbing silica gels. Wife's laptop computer has recently died due to a liquid contact so I've built a desktop for her with my old PC's used parts. She likes to play games like RUST, Assassin's Creed, Forza...
  39. K

    [SOLVED] rx 6800 vram temp

    my rx 6800's vram runs around 75c while fully loaded. is this too much (long term)? i have my gpu core underclocked so in full load it runs around 70c. if the vram is high i think i'm gonna underclock it too. (it runs around 2150mhz ish atm) thx.
  40. J

    Question How does gpu memory bus width work?

    Hi all, I have a few hd 5450s, and I was testing the performance of each one with a different vram size, Firstly, The 512mb card has two 256mb chips, 64 bit (10.8gb/s bandwidth gpuz) The 256mb card has one 256mb chip, 32 bit (5.4gb/s bandwidth gpuz) They both run at the same memory speed...