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    Question My GPU will display for 20 minutes (or so) and then cut out. However all the fans still keep running and no display comes back

    I have recently bought a second hand R9 390 and when I installed it, the display lasted around 20 minutes and then suddenly cut out. Sometimes when I restart, the display will appear but sometimes it won't My build is as follows: MB: ASUS B85M-E GPU: XFX R9 390 PSU: CORSAIR VS650 CPU: Intel...
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    Question Router/Switch that logs URL traffic?

    Hello! Do you guys know a router or switch that logs URL traffic? Thank you.
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    will it work

    will i5 7400k work on Gigabyte Ga-H110M-Gaming 3 Lga1151 Intel H110 Hdmi Micro Atx Ddr4?
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    Memory Leak Windows 10 Please Help

    Hello, last few days i have noticed i gradually inrease in memory usage to the point where pc slows down and i have to reboot to fix it. http://imgur.com/a/925zJ http://imgur.com/a/YgRqw http://imgur.com/a/B9UjJ Memory Leak starts after an hour or sometimes after 10-20 minutes of playing a...
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    Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W PSU Review

    Thermaltake recently released a new flagship Titanium-class PSU, the Toughpower DPS G RGB with 1250W max. power. Besides an RGB LED fan, this unit also features high performance, modular cabling, and compatibility with the SPM cloud platform. Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W PSU Review ...
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    When connected to a vpn can ping one resource, but not another

    I am using the windows vpn client. When it connects, I am on a 192.168.0.xxx network. I can ping some 192.168.0.xxx resources, but others do not reply. I did a tracert on one the works and it only shows 3 hops all within the vpn, but when I try one that does not work, it looks as if it is...
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    30 fps Bottleneck in Shadows of Mordor Benchmark with MSI R9 390 8G

    My friend's PC build has been struggling to get past 30 fps after switching from a GTX 770 to an R9 390 8GB by MSI. Remainder of build follows: CPU: AMD FX-8350 8-Core @ 4GHz MoBo: AsRock Pro 970 Pro 3 Rev 2.0 Memory: 16 GB of something (he didn't say, I'm assuming something decent) GPU: AMD R9...
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    HP monitor randomly turns itself off. How to fix?

    I have an HP ZR2740w monitor that I got about 8 months ago and that I like quite a bit. Recently however, it has been doing a strange thing where the display turns itself off seemingly at random. It does not turn the entire monitor off (I can tell because whenever I turn this monitor off, my PC...