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  1. velocci

    Question 8th gen vs 9th gen intel cpu

    Hi all, while reading some information about the intel Z390 chipset, it said "Remember, though, that the 9th generation of Coffee Lake has better Turbo speeds, a greater number of cores, improved thermal performance and fixes for the infamous Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities". I'm looking...
  2. Leoplate25

    Question Intel CPU new vulnerabilities. Help.

    Hi, i have an i5-9600k and an ASUS Maximus Hero XI WiFi mobo and i'm aware of the latest vulnerabilities of intel cpu's. I updated the ME, i installed the last cumulative update for windows and i'm waiting for the microcode update (BIOS). Here's how's my system right now. If i update the bios...
  3. S

    Question Does any know a fix for

    SSL 2 and 3 vulnerability on windows 10 the actual exploit is called POODLE. I have been searching since the weekend and I can’t find anything for my home machine.