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  1. TheWhiteRose000

    Question X58 1366 socket - Dual Channel MOTHERBOARDS? With x5690, W3690, i7 990x?

    Alright guys I got another big money question for everyone, on the older x58 boards they got three CPU's that I love but have questions about, the Intel x5690, the W3690, and the Intel i7 990x core all these cores support tri-channel memory. But my question is would they work with just dual...
  2. bjorn_cpu_overclocker

    what will hapend if i put my cpu cooler radiator on the bottom of my pc?

    will my cpu get hot or what will happend if i put in on the bottom of my case for better airflow? cpu specs: fx-8350 at 4.5ghz msi 970 gaming Corsair Carbide Spec-02 Seidon 120v2 water cooler fan config: 2 front push 1 bottom push 2 top pull 1 back pull
  3. S

    12 -> 16 GB RAM worthwhile upgrade?

    Hi all, I recently bought a new gaming laptop - the Acer VN7-591G, and I am loving it so far. Before I scrapped my old laptop (it was well beyond repair) I salvaged the 16GB of DDR3 RAM i had installed and the hard drive. The hard drive I have put into an enclosure and is working well as a...