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  1. M

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 7 Stuck On Postcode bF or 6F

    Home built system, built in 2017, has worked well in graphics and 2nd Life environment. (Specs follow.) It hangs up now and won't fully boot. I can't even bring up the BIOS. The monitor tells me that it is not receiving a signal. Please, everyone, I humbly ask for help. I don't want to...
  2. graveyardsoup

    Question Geforce GTX 1080 HDMI port suddenly not working

    Hi there, I built my first PC around a year and a half ago, and it's been working great up until this point. I use 2 displays with it, a pretty standard HP monitor (HP VH240a) plugged into the DVI port and a Wacom Cintiq Pro plugged into the HDMI port. Both are plugged into the ports on the GPU...
  3. 3dtoaster

    Question Improvised cintiq from intuos pro l and laptop display

    Hello I want to improvise a monitor tablet by sticking a laptop display on top of my intuos pro l. I want to use a controller board to connect the screen to the pc. I was curious if writing with a pen/stylus directly on the display can be damaging. Initially I was thinking of using a...
  4. R


    #8 Hi and how are you all thank you in advance in in sparing me the time of your day to look into mine, so here goes! I am interested in getting MICROSOFT ESSENTIAL and i wanna know the down right basics of what to know about it money wise as i only wanna use it for home use and access outside...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] switched an 680 for a 1080 ftw dt and lost fps in CS

    used to get 300 fps with no drops, after switching the gpu i never got 300fps again...suffering with drops too hardware: i7-4770k 32gb ram 1080 ftw
  6. K

    Best upgrade path

    i already a a gpu which is new and i am willing to keep (rx 570) im looking to upgrade everything else with psu not being a massive issue and i have a budget of £450 i have a ssd and storage i mostly want to see the best performance i can get in terms of cpu mobo ram and case ( carbide 275r...
  7. maillet

    my ryzen's 2700x fan is noisy

    Hi! My ryzen cpu occilates from 40 to 58 degrees. nothing very scary. the thing is: the fan is very noisy. i wonder why. thanks for your time!
  8. D

    SSD Buying advice for gaming

    Hello! i currently have a build of gtx960+i5-6600+8ram+1tb hdd on H110M-K motherboard i want to upgrade my storage to ssd but i dont know if my motherboard supports ssd and wich one shall i buy around 256gb-1000gb my budget is around 400$
  9. B

    Can't install Windows 10 from USB drive

    Hello all, I downloaded Windows and copied it on one of my USB drives, but when I try to boot it for the installation, the USB drive shows up as if empty. Is it possible that this happens because my USB drive isn't fat32? I modified it for bigger files. Thanks in advance
  10. I

    new stuff, PC won't start

    just installed a new motherboard,processor and Ram, but when the power button is pressed, it won't start. tried with the old motherboard and it started!! even tried with touching the power pin with a screwdriver. HELP PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!......
  11. C

    surround sound doesnt work on tv but does on radio

    my denon surround sound works on the radio setting but not on the tv
  12. ziffland

    Computer won't turn on at all, tried different PSU still nothing

    So a little background I have built a dozen or more computers and have never had any major issues like this one. So this computer was working just fine two days ago, i was gaming on it and never had any issues. I recently decided to recase it and the case came in yesterday, so last night I took...
  13. J

    HP Rebuild (MB, PS, Graphics) Help

    I am starting my first rebuild and wanted some observations from the experts. I have an HP HPE H8-1160t with i7-2600 3.4Ghz. I am running Windows 10 and the HP bios don't allow me to make any significant changes. I plan to keep my 2TB hard drive. I plan to replace the following items to upgrade...
  14. M

    CPU and/or GPU upgrade to run CSGO smoothly

    Hey guys, Right now, I'm not satisfied with the fps I'm getting in CSGO. My current build is: Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 (3.2GHz) https://pcpartpicker.com/product/F63RsY/intel-cpu-bx80646i54460 GPU: EVGA GTX 960 2gb SuperSC ACX 2.0...
  15. A

    Best Intel CPU for under £300 / $350?

    Currently looking at the i7 6700k 4ghz for £285. Must be a 1151 socket, otherwise I'll have to buy another motherboard. Seems like a good price, but does anyone have any recommendations before I pull the trigger? It will be mainly used for gaming with a GTX 970 gpu, graphic design and video...
  16. R

    Cooler Master hyper 212 Led Turbo with S340 elite

    Hello All, I have a CPU cooler, the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 LED Turbo and I'm planning to buy an NZXT s340 Elite for my next build. The cooler has a height of 163mm and the advertised cooler clearance for the s340 elite is 161mm, are these two still compatible? Now before you start calling me...
  17. MerlijnCat

    GPU Fan full speed and no screen

    title. first, it did that sometimes, but most of the time it did just do nothing (pc booted) then a local pc shop repaired it free with a heatgun (they said that it was deas but it was the last thing they could try) but it turns out to be a fail. now the gpu fan spins out loud and its just not...
  18. R

    Power problems with new gpu

    GPS upgrade Hi just upgraded my r9 270x to a rx480. Put new card in pc powers but no display and keeps restarting. Put old card back in alls OK. So reinstall rx 480 same issue. Put original card back in and that's doing the same. Please help Gigabyte z77 board and Silverstone 700w plus. Old...
  19. 20sidedEric

    Network shows 255 connected devices

    I have cable modem service. From the cable modem, an Ethernet cable runs to a TP Link TL SG105 Gigabit Ethernet switch, then two Ethernet cables out. One to my desktop, the other to my wireless router, a Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200. My desktop resides in the 174.XXX.XXX.XXX address space while...
  20. R

    Delta DPS-200BP-193 PSU

    I recently bought a Gtx 960 as an upgrade to my old graphics hard gt 630. After fitting in my 960, i found out that there were no PCI-E cables. Could anyone confirm that my PSU is shit and has no PCI-E cables or are they hidden somewhere in my case?