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  1. nw_assassin

    Question Setting up a PC to switch on automatically at a specific time via Bios " setup task remotely "

    In regards to the following I was looking to setup some Windows 10 computers in my office office to automatically switch on each morning in case they were switched off the day before by our users when they were working remotely from home. I know this can be done in the bios settings manually...
  2. KalebJohns

    Question WOL only partially works - - have exhausted all options

    Wasn't sure if I should put this in MB or Networking, since it somewhat pertains to both. Posted in MB due to verifying that the concept mostly functions. So I've been trying to setup WOL for a couple weeks now, and I can't seem to find the right answer in getting my ASUS B450-I Strix to cold...
  3. Question Wake on LAN Activation on BIOS Aptio Setup Utility 2020 Version 2.19.1269 ?

    Hi. I have a T-Bao TBOOK MN22 mini PC with Windows 10 Home and Aptio BIOS Setup Utility 2020 Version 2.19.1269. I need to start my PC remotely via Wake on LAN, however I can't find the corresponding item in the BIOS menu. Does anyone know if this option is present in this BIOS version and how it...
  4. H

    Question Wake on LAN not working

    My motherboard gigabyte b365 has wake on lan which normally works. However if power is removed, meaning I shutdown the pc, unplug it, wait for about 10min, then plug it back in, it does not wake up. For it to work again I have to turn on the PC manually for the first time and it works after...
  5. H

    Question Wake on LAN not working over the internet

    I have got Wake on LAN to work in my local network but i cant do it over the internet. Can you please help. My router is Dlink DIR-600L. I have setup port forwarding rule for my computers local ip. But it still does not work.Please help
  6. Seeven7

    Question Random bluescreen after wake up?

    Hello guys. I have this system: CPU i7 4790k non overclocked PSU Corsair RM750 RAM 32 gigs 4 DIMM of corsair ddr 3 1866 mhz cl 9-10-9-27 GPU ASUS STRIX OC GTX 1080ti MOBO Gigabyte z97 d3-h rev 1.2 STORAGE 1x Intel 545s ssd 512gb sata, 1x intel 545s 128 gb m.2 COOLING Corsair h115i pro rgb...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Wake on LAN

    So I got an Asus H110m-a/m.2. I have set up a routine with my Google home to turn on my PC and it works only at the point of sleep or hibernation. The thing is I can't get the embedded Intel LAN port to stay on and report to the router so that the wol action can do it's magic when I turn off the...
  8. C

    Power Supply Cycles every 15-16 seconds

    I'm building a new kit. It would not boot and the power supply would cycle every 15-16 seconds. I pulled everything out except the case, front panel wiring, power supply, mother board and case fan. The symptom is that every 15-16 seconds the PSU clicks, the front power LED goes dark and then...
  9. C

    How to test your system.

    Hi Guy's I am looking to test my system and to see how it performs right now before any overclocking. Mainly I wanna game so therefore I would like to see how it performs now and how much will I gain after the overclock. I am sure it will not be a tremendous leap in performance but I would like...
  10. W

    1440p or 1080p with dual gtx 770

    hi so I'm pretty new to pc gaming, been using an old tv monitor for a while and its time for a gaming monitor. I am running dual gtx 770s , my question is go 1440p or stick with 1080p, i have 2 monitors in mind, both are g sync and 144hz, one is ips and the 1080p is tn panel. the 1440p i can...
  11. G

    Use one gpu for running games and another just for my monitor

    OK so I've finally delved into the world of dual GPU's, a Gt 730 low profile andba GTX 550 Ti. Now is it possible to dedicate the 550 for running games while using the 730 for just my monitor, this is without sli. I'm not certain with that, if it is possible to do without sli, how could I do it...
  12. F

    compare 2 systems

    I have 2 builds. 1. asus z170-ar motherboard i5-6500 cpu 16gb Kingston hyper X ddr4 @ 2133mhz 2x crucial m500 120gb ssd's EVGA GTX 980 Ti Kingpin Seasonic ss-860xp2 80 plus platinum 2. gigabyte z97mx-Gaming5 motherboard i7-4790k cpu 16gb Corsair vengeance pro @ 1600mhz EVGA GTX 1080 SC EVGA...
  13. D

    Search the internet for a song?

    Hello, i am wondering if it is possible to search the internet with a short part of a song, kind of like google images, to identify its name? Thanks for answers,
  14. O

    CPU Temperatures too high.

    Recently my CPU reaches very high temperatures to the point that it restarts or turns off while playing games, when I boot up the pc it gets to 90°C and drops slowly, while almost totally idle it remains between 49°C and 52°C, but when I open a program the cores get to up to 90°C and drop again...
  15. A

    Computer shows two drives but there is only one

    I purchased a laptop a little over a year ago that came with a 1tb hard drive but in file explorer under this pc it says that I have two hard drives. I was not having any trouble with this until now because the one of the drives is almost full. The one I have been storing everything in is the os...
  16. jjs1107

    I7 6700k idle and load temp problem?

    Hey everyone just put a new i7 6700k in my system and noticed that when I rendered a video the temps jumped to 100C. In idle they are anywhere from 29C-38C. Is it running hot?? I feel like it shouldn't do this. I am running the Coolermaster Seidon 120V as a cooler and it worked really well for...
  17. I

    Why isn't windows 10 booting?

    Ok so i built my pc, and about a month later i decided to install and lcd fan controller. Then the the next day my pc would turn on, but windows wouldn't pop up my tv showed it was getting a signal, but it was just a black screen. I'm able to go into BIOS but nothing else so I'm wondering if its...
  18. L

    Intel Core i5-4690k reaches temperatures up to 60 degrees celsius?

    Hello! Recently, on my 5-year old computer (I got an upgrade from AMD based processors to Intel based, woot), I have noticed that when playing some graphics intensive games, sometimes not even, my the inside of my computer case reaches temperatures up to 60 degrees celsius. This should not be...
  19. N

    window say correct password wifi is incorrect

    My Window 7 professional cant connect to my wifi becouse my password is incorrect but i have check many time the password is correct. i can connect to my hotsport processor : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 x2 dual core processor 4400+ 2.30GHz sistem type : 64 bit operating system window 7 profesional
  20. P

    AMD Radeon 7700 2gb driving me crazy in Lightroom and Photoshop on Win10

    I am going crazy right now. I'm a photographer and work with Lightroom and Photoshop every day. Since I have upgraded to Windows 10, my Lightroom has been crashing at specific points (mainly using filters in the develop module). After much reading, these crashes are linked to the AMD card...