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  1. M

    Question PCI-to-PCI Wakeup w/ Ryzen 5600X and B450 MSI Tomahawk Max II

    I upgraded the CPU in my system from a Ryzen1600 to a Ryzen 5600X. I had to re-flash the BIOS to the 5600X version to get it going. After re-flashing, everything works fine except for Wakeup. I cannot get the system to wake up using the keyboard or mouse. System only wakes with the PC button...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Wake on LAN not working

    My motherboard gigabyte b365 has wake on lan which normally works. However if power is removed, meaning I shutdown the pc, unplug it, wait for about 10min, then plug it back in, it does not wake up. For it to work again I have to turn on the PC manually for the first time and it works after...
  3. G

    Question PC not waking up from sleep mode

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and am quite desperate for a solution. I looked at several threads before posting and tried a few things already, but nothing seems to work. The issue is that my new build PC is not waking from sleep mode - both, when put to sleep manually or when it goes to sleep...
  4. A

    Question Can I wake my PC from any Bluetooth device?

    I have an Asus T100 Chi tablet, which comes with a Bluetooth keyboard. It is possible to wake the tablet from sleep by pressing a key on the keyboard, so I'd like to know if I can wake the tablet with another Bluetooth device, specifically a Nintendo Joy-Con. At the moment, the option to 'Allow...
  5. quixoticduck

    [SOLVED] Computer is only kinda sleeping?

    Hi. My PC was working fine until recently when I had to update to Windows 10 (from W7). I'm fairly sure this is not a hardware issue because of this. Now, when tell it to go to sleep the fans sound the same as when it's on, and my keyboard stays lit up, but the monitor goes blank. It seems to...
  6. ItsZanoniBro

    Question Main monitor not returning from sleep

    Hey guys - I've found a ton of threads tackling this in general, but my situation seems a little unique. I recently set up a nice dual monitor display using my old (5+ years) ASUS 21.5 inch as a secondary, and a brand new ViewSonic 27 inch monitor as the primary. When the computer goes to...
  7. Seeven7

    Question Random bluescreen after wake up?

    Hello guys. I have this system: CPU i7 4790k non overclocked PSU Corsair RM750 RAM 32 gigs 4 DIMM of corsair ddr 3 1866 mhz cl 9-10-9-27 GPU ASUS STRIX OC GTX 1080ti MOBO Gigabyte z97 d3-h rev 1.2 STORAGE 1x Intel 545s ssd 512gb sata, 1x intel 545s 128 gb m.2 COOLING Corsair h115i pro rgb...
  8. butterfig

    Question Corsair K70 Mk 2 Sleep and Wake Delay

    Hello. I recently purchased a K70 mk2 and a K68 RGB. The K68 slept my desktop fine, but with the MK 2, it is delayed 2 to 3 minutes. I have never experienced this before, but my display switches off, but my desktop and peripherals remain on. I can tell my desktop is on because of the fans...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] Vega 64 not showing display until 2nd boot.

    2600x 16gb gskill 2933mhz Red devil vega 64 850evga bq Asrock x470 master sli ac Ok working on a rig and recently acquired a red devil vega 64 used. Prior to the 64 had a nitro vega 56. When booting for first time after period of not using, everything seems to boot, fans spin but no display...
  10. Jiry_XD

    Pc crashes when clicking launch Fortnite

    Hello, people this problem just started happening to me today i will send a photo below this happens whenever i click launch on epicgames launcher Here is the link for the picture https://gyazo.com/a86db0eeb7ee71f30570c99fb3f9e705 Here is the link of my specs...
  11. C

    How to test your system.

    Hi Guy's I am looking to test my system and to see how it performs right now before any overclocking. Mainly I wanna game so therefore I would like to see how it performs now and how much will I gain after the overclock. I am sure it will not be a tremendous leap in performance but I would like...
  12. M

    EVGA 1060 vs Asus RX 580

    Currently I have an EVGA 960 4 GB and I love that card. EVGA and Nvidia have treated me right and I like their products. I am looking to upgrade a new video card, and I am open to any other suggestions, but currently I am looking for around the $300 price range, and here are the 2 cards I found...
  13. J

    laptop wont detect dedicated graphics

    i just bought a used alienware mx17-r3 and the computer will not use the dedicated graphics, only the integrated graphics. the computer wont even recognize that it has dedicated graphics and in the biosk it says its discrete. I cant get drivers for it because windows doesn't realize I have it. I...
  14. H

    "AMD specific ram" Is this a thing?

    So, I'm trying to fix up a PC with missing components for as little as possible, and one thing that is confusing me, is my RAM situation. See, The motherboard is the Acer EG31M-S2, and whenever I go searching for cheap ram, it always mentions AMD, leaving me rather confused as to whether this...
  15. Abhigyan_13

    Windows 8.1 pro vs Windows 7 for Gaming Performace

    I would like to know, if I should stick to win 7(SP1) or use win8.1 pro...I intend to play games with high graphics like Resident Evil 7 etc.so which one should i use My pc specs are- Intel core i5-660 3.3GHz 8GB ddr3 RAM 500GB HDD Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 2GB Also provide other reasons to choose...
  16. R

    GTX 960 overclocking

    Hi, I own a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 OC WindForce 2X 4GB and I want to overclock it.Can someone help me? I play GTA 5 withVSync+x2 MSAA and sometimes my framerate drops by 10 fps and it feels like a 20fps frame drop.
  17. B

    Computer randomly Disconnects my USB

    I once bought a USB internet adapter, and it was working fine for a few months. But now, it randomly disconnects. Everybody says to "disable power saving" but the problem still persists. As far as I know I have a Netgear WNDA3100V2. Ask if you need anymore info. Help me ;) Jack
  18. Andrew Neil

    Up to 12% performance enhancement of the Intel 5th Generation Core i7 5700HQ on new MSI gaming notebooks.

    The main difference from Broadwell CPU architecture and Haswell CPU architecture is the process technology, the 5th Generation Core i7 of Broadwell comes with latest 14nm from wafer manufacturing process, so that will comes with less heat and TDP for notebook CPU platform. The default clock of...
  19. C

    First build questions.

    Hi everyone! Over the last few weeks I've done some research into building myself a new pc. I have some questions which I would like answered before I actually buy the machine. First of I i will list the specs of the build I have in mind. Graphics card: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G OS: Windows 8.1...
  20. W

    acer aspire 4755g freeze phoenix bios screen

    when i turned on my laptop it freezes to the phoenix screen. only found in the screen are the logo (acer) and 'press <f2> to enter setup'... but i tried to press f2 but it doesnt work. i tried pressing other f's but still it doesnt work. i already removed cmos battery for 1day, and try to...
  21. K

    Need some advice

    Well i really want to upgrade my old PC: CPU: Amd sempron 140 RAM: 2gb ddr2 800MHz GPU: nVidia GeForce 7025/nForce 630a MOBO: Asrock n68-s I use my pc mainly for Blender and playing TF2 with friends. Its a very old pc i bought it in 2008 and its pretty fast i must say, for a single core and...
  22. A

    Gaming pc running games slowly

    I recently built a gaming pc, here is my build http://pcpartpicker.com/user/anguslurcott/saved/Z9pzK8 it is all correct apart from I didn't buy a CPU cooler I am using the one that came with my CPU. So I've had this for a few months and expected to be able to run games very smoothly. When I run...
  23. D

    R9 295x2 or wait for Nvidia?

    Hi all, The R9 295x2 is about to get a substantial price cut (£400 off) locally and I'm seriously considering it. Is it worth the money for that or is it better to wait on Nvidias 800 series and SLI them? I can't imagine they'd match the price performance... Thanks.
  24. J

    Is 400W PSU Enough?

    Hi, Just a quick question Is a 400W Gamma PSU good enough to run this system? CPU: AMD FX 8320 GPU: ASUS GTX 650 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P RAM: 8GB(2x4) - Don't know which brand yet HDD: 320GB 7200 RPM Not going to use a fan or DVD/CD Rom Will be used just for Gaming and regular...